It’s not what you think

Photo by AYUSH on Unsplash

4 years ago, I thought someone with over 50,000 followers was the bee knees, I mean really, I thought they had everything in life figured out — at that point life would obviously be sorted, right?

It was only when driving yesterday I realized that I was now in that position. And my life? Well, it doesn’t feel sorted. Some days I have literally no idea who I am and what I want.

So if you’re starting out writing on the internet and have high hopes of life figuring itself out once you do, that writing will take care of everything, I have some snippets of info that you might find useful to ponder.

Here we go.

Writing to me is therapy. It sort of always has been. I’ve always written for selfish reasons, mostly to unpick the feelings I have so I can understand them and then hopefully, do something about them.

It’s not that I don’t want to feel all these emotions, rather I want to source their origin and understand them a little more.

I want to feel less abnormal for feeling all these things I do. I want to talk about my emotions in a way that normalizes the confusion, fear, and uncertainty…

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