Stranger Things
It has been confirmed by show co-creator Ross Duffer that the fifth and final season of Netflix’s supernatural drama “Stranger Things” is now halfway through filming after starting in January.

The show is currently in Week 24 of shooting with filming expected to continue through until December. Series star Maya Hawke described the new season this week as “very long” and that they’re “making, basically, eight movies”. [Source: Instagram]

Netflix’s “Wednesday” is currently shooting its second season in County Wicklow in Ireland with the country’s state development agency, Screen Ireland, confirming it is the “largest production to ever film in Ireland” in terms of production spend. [Source: Screen Ireland]

Marvel’s Agatha All Along
Marvel Head of Streaming, Television and Animation Brad Winderbaum has teased the company’s upcoming “WandaVision” spin-off series “Agatha All Along” premiering this Fall. Appearing on the official Marvel podcast, he described the show thus:

“Agatha is…really fun, but it’s really scary and it gets quite dramatic. She’s an amazing anti-hero and that show…lures you in with the fun of Halloween, and before you know it, you’re crying. It’s a Marvel brand of scary. It’s a Halloween show. There are deadly stakes in this series. It’s a fun ride, but it’s a dangerous one.”

The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin
Apple TV+ has greenlit a second season of Noel Fielding-led irreverent comedy series “The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin”. Ellie White, Dolly Wells and Mark Heap also star.

Set in the 18th century, Turpin is the most famous but least likely of highway robbers, whose success is defined mostly by his charm, showmanship and great hair. He and his gang ride the highs and lows of his new endeavors. [Source: Deadline]

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