There is no shortage of choice if you want to buy a Solana meme coin. From Iggy Azalea’s MOTHER turning one canny trader’s $3K into $9M to an early investor in Dogwifhat making a $4.1M profit from just 5 SOL, these coins have a proven track record of delivering jaw-dropping growth. 

However, with so much competition, new entrants can struggle to stand out. One project that has risen above the market masses is Poodlana (POODL), a fashion-focused cryptocurrency. This SOL altcoin with a presale ready to drop any minute now looks poised to skyrocket. Here’s why. 

Iconic branding: The Next Crypto to Moon?

With altcoins, successful marketing is the most important catalyst for a price explosion, and Poodlana looks set to follow the countless other canine coins like DOGE and SHIB that have propelled investors to exponential profits.

Poodlana’s brand mascot is a striking black poodle wearing a crown, a distinct image that resonates throughout the project and its community with obvious viral potential. This powerful and eye-catching iconography is perfect for the fashion sector, where brand aesthetics reign supreme. 

The synergy of fashion and crypto has become obvious in recent years with multiple luxury fashion houses — including Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga — releasing unique crypto NFTs as metaverse-based collectibles. The message is clear: high fashion is embracing Web3 at a record pace, and Poodlana looks set to be at the forefront of this trend. 

Bernard Arnault, one of the world’s three richest men and a fashion CEO, underscores the immense scale of the fashion industry and its lucrative potential for blockchain innovators. So, with its iconic branding and mission statement dripping with glamour, Poodlana has laid the foundations of a strong narrative in a sector colossal enough to offer exciting returns.

Listing niggles: Has Poodlana changed the game?

A lot of recent presales have built up a bad reputation due to the uncertainty around actual listing dates. Often this comes months after the presale has closed, and by that point, the momentum has disappeared. Poodlana has stated that everything will be certain from the start.

The presale will last 30 days, from the 17th of July until the 16th of August, the claim will be available immediately after. The token will then launch on a DEX within 60 minutes of the presale ending.

This is a bold move and quite a unique approach. A presale close is its busiest moment, so listing immediately after is sure to push the FOMO into overdrive.

Poodlana: primed for an Asian takeover?

Poodles are one of the most popular dog breeds in the Far East, a region that accounts for 80% of meme coin trading volume. Poodlana is not only a captivating brand globally but also strategically positioned for success in this pertinent and trend-setting market. 

Once these canine connoisseurs clock they can earn big from Poodlana, a swell of momentum seems inevitable, and since Asia leads the way as the most influential meme coin market, expect a global craze to turn Poodlana’s ‘grand arrival’ into a panorama of price prosperity. 

Many case studies highlight the potential of POODL — take Chuan Pu, the ‘Chinese Donald Trump coin’. From humble origins, CHUANPU exploded in East Asia, with the West soon following, reaching a market cap of $18.1 million and a volume of $1.78 million, yielding 40,000% returns for early investors.

Now, while Trump has delightfully fluffy hair, he’s hardly China’s favourite pet. But if he is popular enough to make his meme-coin mark in China, then the fluffy black locks of the Poodlana should be primed for even more explosive growth. 

Chuan Pu is not an isolated example — Biaoqing, the ‘most famous meme in China’, went from rags to riches overnight, with a meteoric market cap rise from a few thousand dollars to over $6 million in just 24 hours. This project took root in Asia, growing a foundation of sentiment before going international. 

This recurring theme of Asian groundwork followed by global galvanization is perhaps the single most compelling reason to clamber aboard the POODL train before it leaves the Asian station and goes global. 

Should I buy a Poodlana coin?

With its totemic branding, crypto fashion credentials, and Asian momentum, Poodlana is ready to make ‘the Solana blockchain its runway’, and it is no surprise this exclusive pup has been the talk of the town amongst crypto insiders for a while. 

Current market dynamics for SOL meme coins are incredibly promising, with numerous 100% gainers over the last week like SHARBI and CHUD. As a result, it would not be surprising to see POODL gain serious traction soon. 

Furthermore, while some crypto success stories are short-lived, Poodlana is a project that has been put together diligently by people who know how to build a brand with staying power.

The above combined with the appeal to the Asian market, one of the biggest in the world, makes it seem like this one is set to take off.

Poodlana launches on the 17th of July. You can visit their website here for more information.

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