A new Sleep Awake teaser trailer is out, previewing the upcoming horror games that’s set to be one of the first games Blumhouse releases under its new publishing company.

The latest trailer shows off a bit more of the game, including the general premise of the game, which sees the main character afraid to go to sleep due to what looks to be various monstrous threats. Sleep Awake is developed by Eyes Out, and described as a “first-person psychedelic horror game” that’s set sometime in the far future.

Currently, no release information for the game is available, although Eyes Out did say that it would be among the first games released by Blumhouse Games.

Check out the Sleep Awake trailer below:

What is Blumhouse Games?

Last year, Blumhouse Games announced plans to partner with independent developers of horror games for console, PC, and mobile devices. The company will also target games made below $10 million to “enable innovation and [push] creative boundaries.”

Earlier this year, the company unveiled six video games that it was publishing during Summer Game Fest.

The label is being led by several video game industry veterans. President Zach Wood has been in the industry for decades. He’s worked on titles like Hohokum, The Unfinished Swan, Bound, and 2012’s Twisted Metal at Sony and Prey: Mooncrash and Redfall at Bethesda. Former Global Head of Business Operations, Planning & Strategy Don Sechler was also at PlayStation and is CFO at Blumhouse Games.

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