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Blade Runner 2099
Dimitri Abold, Lewis Gribben, Katelyn Rose Downey and Daniel Rigby have scored regular roles while Johnny Harris, Amy Lennox, Sheila Atim and Matthew Needham have landed recurring guest roles in the “Blade Runner 2099” series at Amazon Prime Video.

Michelle Yeoh and Hunter Schafer lead the series currently in production in Prague and Barcelona. Oscar winner Yeoh stars as a replicant that’s nearing the end of her life. [Source: Variety

We Live in Time
The Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield-led drama “We Live in Time” has been rated R for language, sexuality and nudity. The project is dubbed a love story between an up-and-coming chef and a recent divorcée.

Filming wraps Friday on the Netflix film “Steve” with actor Jay Lycurgo, Oscar winner Cillian Murphy and writer Max Porter photographed on set.

Set in the mid-90s, and follows the day in the life of headmaster Steve’s (Murphy) life, while telling a parallel story of Shy (Lycurgo), a troubled teen grappling with his own issues. [Source: Instagram]

The One Piece
Production IG and WIT Studio’s President George Wada says the upcoming goal of the new animated series remake of anime “One Piece” is to reach a wider audience.

He says many are put off from the long-running series due to the “old 4:3 format” and the high number of episodes. The remake aims to address that. [Source: PewPiece]

Untitled F1 Movie (aka. Apex)
“Top Gun: Maverick” director Joseph Kosinski’s F1 movie for Apple, which has been going by the working title “Apex,” is continuing to film at Formula One events and at last report has a budget well over $300 million.

Even so, the Brad Pitt-led film is rumored to be releasing its first trailer on Sunday – a trailer timed with the British Grand Prix. As production is still ongoing, and the film doesn’t open for a full year yet, such an early release is a surprise. [Source: DanielRPK]

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