New-gen gaming-centered blockchain Oasys advances its array of partnerships in the segment of Web2 gaming. Starting from this July, it is an exclusive blockchain partner of Edia, an IP holder for hundreds of iconic video games released since the 1980-1990s.

Oasys blockchain scores partnership with Edia IP major

According to the official statement by its team, Oasys, one of the first gaming-oriented blockchains, has scored the status of exclusive Web3 partner of the Edia Corporation, a holder of 139 retro game intellectual property (IP). With this collaboration, Oasys is expected to reintroduce beloved titles to a crypto-native audience.

The partnership with Edia will work toward onboarding more mainstream gamers to the Web3 segment by using retro game IP to create new games on blockchain, including on Oasys’s infrastructure. All 139 retro game IPs held by Edia will be available for Oasys to explore, with the aim of recreating them for new Play-to-Earn endeavors.

In cooperation with Oasys, Edia will also oversee public relations and marketing activities using its retro gaming IPs and blockchain technology. This will raise awareness of the opportunities available within Web3 for combining classic characters and titles with blockchain technology.

Edia also holds the IPs to a number of classic 80s games released in Japan, Europe and North America. Initially gathering a cult following, these classic fantasy and fighting games will be re-released in collaboration with Oasys.


Oasys (OAS) Faces 63% Price Surge as Ubisoft's Game to Be Released on Blockchain

As covered by U.Today previously, Oasys made headlines with the announcement of Ubisoft’s upcoming game releases on top of major blockchains.

From cartridge games to blockchain games

The partnership between Oasys and Edia will open the door to many retro games and iconic characters from the 1980s and 1990s to a whole new generation of gamers.

Edia holds the IP for popular titles like Gaiares, a horizontal-scrolling shooter originally released in 1990. First issued as a cartridge game on Genesis, Gaiares can be recreated as a blockchain game.


Oasys Teams up with Ripples Partner SBI Group's NFT Arm

Also, to increase its presence in the NFT segment, Oasys scored a partnership with SBI NFT, the digital collectibles arm of fintech decacorn Ripple.

Oasys’s core native cryptocurrency, OAS, is up by 0.5% in the last 24 hours. The asset is changing hands at $0,04286 on major spot trading platforms.

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