Don’t over complicate your online writing journey. Follow these steps.

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All my life, I called writing my passion, my side hustle, my love.

I never dared to hope that one day, it might become my profession.

How could it?

There were so few successful writers in India. I believed one has to sell millions of copies of their books to make a living.

I’d seen the dark side of not having enough money. I didn’t want to be broke and dependent on my parents for my daily bread.

And that’s why, I never thought writing would be anything more than a passion project that gave me validation, but never money.

This changed four years ago.

During the pandemic, when the entire world was forced to remain shut in their homes, I learned a secret. I understood that being a professional writer isn’t restricted to selling books.

The world of online writing has multiple possibilities, and if I play my cards right, I can make way more money from it than my day job.

I started being intentional with my writing, and less than two years later, I was earning enough to quit my day job and become a…

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