Kartik Aaryan’s latest film, Chandu Champion, is making waves in cinemas. Released on June 14, 2024, this sports biopic, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and directed by Kabir Khan, has both critics and audiences praising the film. Even with tough competition from Kalki 2898 AD, Chandu Champion is holding its ground impressively.

Chandu Champion Recovers Its 70-80 Cr Budget

The film has surpassed expectations, recovering its budget with a worldwide gross of 96 crores. This success is remarkable, considering its production budget ranged from Rs 70-80 crores.

In India alone, it has netted Rs 69 crores and grossed Rs 81 crores. Internationally, it has added another Rs 15.5 crores to its earnings. The film’s journey at the box office is nothing short of spectacular, proving its worth with each passing day.

Kartik Recently Revealed Hoe He Cried During An Emotional Scene In A BTS Video

Chandu Champion tells the inspiring story of Murlikant Petkar, brought to life by Kartik Aaryan. The film has managed to capture the hearts of its viewers, creating a buzz with positive word-of-mouth. The audience’s love for the film is evident in its steady performance at the box office.

Kartik recently took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes video from the making of the film. In this video, Kartik and director Kabir Khan discuss their experiences during the shoot.

Kartik shared a particularly emotional moment from the filming. “I think it started from there when Kabir sir wanted an emotional sequence, specifically during the winning moment. It was indeed a crying moment for me and it got captured, and it’s a beautiful moment. That’s the day when he actually saw the emotional side of me as an actor,” Kartik revealed. This glimpse behind the scenes has only added to the fans’ appreciation of the film.

The film’s success can be attributed to its compelling story, strong performances, and Kabir Khan’s direction. Sajid Nadiadwala’s production also played a crucial role in bringing this story to the big screen. The film continues to generate excitement and draw audiences to theatres.

Chandu Champion is not just a box office success but a heartwarming story that resonates with viewers. As it continues its theatrical run, it is evident that the film has struck a chord with its audience. The film’s ability to evoke strong emotions proves the hard work and dedication of the entire cast and crew.

With stellar reviews and immense love from viewers, Chandu Champion is on its way to becoming a memorable hit. Its journey at the box office is far from over. The film continues to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide. This film is a true champion, both in terms of its box office performance and the impact it has had on its audience.

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