If the current culture has taught us anything, anything old can be made new. One of the most popular trends is creating legacy sequels for films long past their prime.

Studios like a sure thing, and there is nothing like nostalgia that will get people back into the theater. From Bad Boys to Saw, many fans have seen a resurgence of their favorite films. And now, Rush Hour is the next franchise slated for a comeback. The first Rush Hour premiered in 1998, and united the dream team of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. The team-up was a classic clash of cultures as the two police officers attempted to solve the case of a missing girl. The chemistry and humor were undeniable, and two sequels came out of it. 

For its stars, the fire never died down, either. Both Tucker and Chan supported returning to their roles for a fourth film. The trilogy evidently ended in 2007, but there may yet be room for more content. However, it may take some time for any pertinent details to come to life. While Chan has supported the discourse that a fourth film is in the works, there is no concrete information about a release date yet. The only sure thing is the likelihood that Chan and Tucker will return for the film. Throughout the franchise, Detectives Carter (Tucker) and Lee (Chan) have come to love each other as brothers. From Los Angeles to Paris, there is seemingly nothing the two characters won’t do for each other and that is what will bring fans back time and time again. Viewers want to revisit familiar characters, and this is yet another franchise that is up to the task.

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