The United States justice system is flawed, there’s no room for argument on that front. It proved itself less broken than it seemed, following the convictions of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, but a laundry list of issues continue to drag the vital branch of government down.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) would love nothing more than to highlight the persisting woes of the judicial branch, but she doesn’t have quite enough sense in her head to parse the complicated issues surrounding the U.S. legal system. Instead of better informing herself on the matter, the miserable hobgoblin is perfectly content to contradict herself at every turn.

The sorry excuse for a Congresswoman spends at least half of every working day on X, and she’s not slowing down following the start of fellow Trump crony Steve Bannon’s prison sentence. She’s been aiming her mouth-cannon at the judicial branch ever since, blasting it as “weaponized” and akin to those in “third world countries,” but that perspective only seems to hold up when it benefits Greene.

When the justice system actually does something she approves of, all of the sudden Greene is in full support. She flip flopped embarrassingly from content to furious in back-to-back tweets on July 2, leaving less than an hour between two takeaways that paint our country in completely different lights.

The first of these went up in the mid-afternoon, and contained high praise for the Supreme Court’s decision to grant Donald Trump immunity for “official” acts enacted as president, which could extend to his involvement in the Jan. 6 coup attempt. She sees the move as a major victory for the “rule of law,” and, in her share of Trump’s all-caps Truth Social rant, claimed that “all of the fraudulent political charges brought against President Trump should be immediately dropped.”

Less than 45 minutes later, she returned to X to share a starkly different opinion. This time she was back on a familiarly manipulative diatribe about Steve Bannon’s far too-brief prison sentence, labeling the disgraced advisor a “political prisoner of the Biden regime,” and claiming that the justice system will come after Trump next.

Its a hilarious dichotomy, but Marge will never wrap her brain around the contradiction. Is our justice system irreparably broken, or performing perfectly? It seems to depend on whether or not its pursuing the law in a way Greene agrees with, which — given the unabashedly criminal nature of so many of her peers — typically sees the frothing Georgian solidly in opposition to its decisions.

The Supreme Court, however, is stacked in Trump’s favor. That’s entirely due to the disgusting and utterly adolescent actions of our Republican Congresspeople, who blatantly lied when they refused to consider Barack Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland for a spot on the court. They turned around a few years later and completely ignored the precedent they themselves set, proving once and for all how little they care to uphold the standards of the office they were elected into.

For this reason, and this reason alone, Republicans have harkened in several freedom-threatening wins over the last few years. They robbed women of the right to access vital healthcare in a number of states, they ignored a range of cases that inarguably deserved their attention, and they granted Trump immunity in a situation in which, had he gotten his way, our democracy would have crumbled.

Its in no way surprising to watch Greene cherry pick which judicial decisions to support, while blasting others as coming from a “broken” and flawed system, but its the cherry on top of an absolute s**t salad of a week. The first debate was disheartening enough to drain hope from a good half of the nation, and the continued idiocy of our elected leaders, paired with the awful options we’re left to choose between for president, leaves many of us with little hope for the future of our nation.

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