• Indian Matchmaking season 4 has not been confirmed by Netflix, and there is no official news about its renewal.
  • Sima Taparia, the show’s matchmaker, continues her matchmaking business and interacts with fans, promoting her online service, UrbanMatch.
  • Sima recently celebrated her 41st wedding anniversary, showcasing her long-lasting marriage as a role model for aspiring spouses.

Indian Matchmaking, part of Netflix’s Matchmaking series, introduced viewers to Sima Taparia, and it’s time to talk about whether season 4 of the show is happening. Sima, who’s based mostly in Mumbai, is much like Jewish Matchmaking‘s Aleeza Ben Shalom – both relationship experts are the best of the best. Though the show has been criticized in the past for some of its matches, watching Sima work is enjoyable.

Through the years, Sima has created some successful matches, and continues to work with clients throughout India and across the globe.

With Sima’s role on Indian Matchmaking revolving around her being able to create successful relationships, it’s interesting to watch her move through a system that typically unfolds behind the scenes. The clients Sima takes on in Indian Matchmaking are set up to focus on the process of arranging marriages in the modern dating world. This is a jarring experience for some cast members. While Sima’s always available for advice, even if the couples she sets up don’t have happily ever afters, she still tries to ensure that her clients learn about themselves (and romance) while working with her.


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Indian Matchmaking Season 4 News

What To Know About The Show’s Future

Sima from Indian Matchmaking montage of Sima in two traditional indian outfits

There isn’t a lot of news surrounding Indian Matchmaking season 4 yet, but it’s definitely a popular show. With many viewers having caught up on Indian Matchmaking before its third season premiered in April 2023, there’s a lot of interest surrounding the series and Sima’s work. While Netflix has yet to green-light another season of the show, Indian Matchmaking season 4 seemed like a given, considering just how much buzz there was surrounding the series’ third installment.

Is Indian Matchmaking Season 4 Confirmed?

There’s No Official Confirmation Yet

Indian Matchmaking season 4 has yet to be confirmed by Netflix, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not happening. Netflix does have a history of renewing their shows with formal announcements, and it seemed like Indian Matchmaking and Jewish Matchmaking would be renewed at the same time. Indian Matchmaking season 3 came out about a month before Jewish Matchmaking season 1, and both have gotten a lot of buzz since those seasons dropped. There could be news surrounding Indian Matchmaking season 4’s renewal soon.

Still, it’s not looking good. Since this article was first published in the summer of 2023, there’s been no news about the series’ renewal.

Sima is very active online, and she hasn’t posted any hints about season 4, although she’s quite open about other aspects of her life and career. The fact that she isn’t teasing a new season may mean that Netflix has decided not to renew the show. Nonetheless, at the Netflix Reality website, there seems to be an open casting call. However, that may be out of date.

Indian Matchmaking Season 4’s Potential Release Date

Priya Ashra & Vimal Kansara Indian Matchmaking

Indian Matchmaking season 4 may not have formally been announced, but by using past seasons’ schedules, a release date can be predicted for the series. While there was a long break between Indian Matchmaking season 1 and season 2 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Indian Matchmaking season 3 aired about six months after Indian Matchmaking season 2. Using the logic behind the previous seasons, it was likely that there would be a gap between Indian Matchmaking seasons 3 and 4. Indian Matchmaking season 4 was likely to air around April 2024.

This hasn’t happened. As of this update (early July 2024), nothing new has been released. This strengthens the theory that Netflix is pausing the show or maybe canceling it. Again, there’s been no formal news about the show’s fate. While it appeared to be popular, it’s always possible that its appeal decreased through the seasons.

If viewership dipped, Netflix putting the show on hiatus would be a common sense decision. Producers don’t usually pull successful shows as there’s a profit motive in keeping them on the air. Sometimes, controversy will make a producer cancel something, but more often than not, shows that people like to watch stay on the air.

Indian Matchmaking Season 4’s Potential Cast

Who Might Come Back For A Possible Season 4?

Richa Indian Matchmaking Sima Taparia Season 1 sitting at table talking

If renewed, Indian Matchmaking will, of course, include Sima in the role of matchmaker. Previous seasons of the series have always checked in on couples from the past, like Aparna Shewakramani and Nadia Jagessar, as well as Viral Joshi and Shital Patel. It is likely that prior clients will be featured on Indian Matchmaking season 4, such as Rushali Rai and Priya Ashra. Along with the return of old cast members, Sima’s newer clients will also be featured in a potential upcoming season of the series. Hopefully, Sima will be able to make brand-new lasting matches for her couples.

What Sima Tipara’s Up To This Summer

She’s Still Matchmaking In 2024 (& Meeting Fans)

Sima may not have news about a potential new installment of the show, but she’s staying positive. She’s also keeping busy. Her matchmaking business is thriving, Netflix or not, and she’s also getting up close and personal with her fans. In the post above, Sima wore a bright yellow dress while meeting with fans in Dubrovnik. She had a big smile on her face, sharing her signature warmth and charisma with the people she met.

She’s also promoting her online matchmaking service, UrbanMatch, as per Sima‘s IG post from June 3, 2024. Sima’s service (note: this is not an ad for UrbanMatch) delivers some helpful dating tools. These include:

  • personalized matchmaking sessions
  • a community of singles in US, UK, UAE, Canada, and Singapore.

UrbanMatch is an app, rather than a website, so Indian Matchmaking fans can download it if they like. On May 19, 2024, the official UrbanMatch Instagram account featured a post about hiring hosts in NYC. The caption read:

Are you the one who brings life to every party?

Can you chat up a storm and still listen like your life depends on it? If you’re nodding yes, then we should definitely talk!

We’re looking for a Mixer Host for UrbanMatch in New York City – someone who’s a pro at breaking the ice, making people feel like old friends, and turning any gathering into the place to be.

🗽 Location: The heart of NYC

🕒 Schedule: Mostly evenings and weekends

💬 Role: You’ll be the face of our events, welcoming guests, sparking conversations, and ensuring everyone’s having a great time from start to finish.

Clearly, that company is growing and Sima is someone who seems to thrive on action. While it’s possible to criticize her as she talks a good game but doesn’t really lead people towards long-term romantic happiness very often, she is a guru. Sima can charm and convince – her people skills make her a star. She can overcome a significant “fail rate” due to these singular qualities.

Charisma is the bedrock of Sima’s appeal, and she’s built an empire on that strong foundation.

Sima Tiparia Celebrated Her 41st Anniversary

She’s Happy With Her Husband

Sima is a good role model for aspiring wives and husbands as she’s now been married for 41 years. It takes a lot of commitment and love to make a marriage work for that long. This year, on May 23, she posted a carousel of pictures that featured her husband. They are cute couples photos. Her partner’s name is Anup Taparia. She met him when she was just 19 and they had an arranged marriage. Hopefully, there will be more Indian Matchmaking in the future.

Sources: Sima Tiparia/Instagram, Sima Tiparia/Instagram, Netflix Reality

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