Are you eager for updates on how to watch and stream God Is a Bullet online and which OTT service offers this film for streaming? Look no further. We’ve got you all covered.

Directed and written by Nick Cassavetes, God Is a Bullet is an American crime action drama film. The plot follows an astute detective. A cruel twist of fate resulted in his wife’s murder and his daughter’s abduction under mysterious circumstances. After this, his life is never the same again.

How to watch God Is a Bullet streaming online

You can watch God Is a Bullet via Starz.

With audiences-acclaimed films like The Northman, Django Unchained, and Saw X, Starz boasts a vast array of engaging content in multiple languages and genres under a single roof.

To stream the film, register and sign up on the OTT platform. Insert your details and pick a subscription plan that suits your needs to begin watching your favorite dose of entertainment at all times of the day.

Can you watch God Is a Bullet online for free legally?

You can’t watch God Is a Bullet for free.

God Is a Bullet is available to stream online through a subscription-based plan on Starz. Starz does not offer its users a free trial plan.

What is God Is a Bullet about?

Bob Hightower is a detective with a stable job and lives happily with his wife and daughter in a suburban city. But, his entire existence gets washed away when an unexpected event happens. One day, when he returns home from work he finds out that his beloved wife is murdered and his daughter is kidnapped.

Feeling angry, Bob quits his job. Later, he devises a risky plan and sets off on a dangerous adventure. Amid the malevolent entities tailing him and thorns on his path, will Bob reach his end goal without a hitch?

The American drama film stars Maika Monroe as Case, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Bob Hightower, Karl Glusman as Cyrus, January Jones as Maureen Bacon, Jamie Foxx as The Ferryman, and Paul Johansson as John Lee Bacon, among others.

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