Viewers are eager to know where they can watch Foundation online for free. Here, you’ll find all the essential information you need.

Foundation is a science fiction epic rooted in the influential works of renowned sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov. It serves as the foundation for a series of events set in a Galactic Empire that was once prosperous but is now teetering on the brink of collapse.

How to watch Foundation streaming online

You can watch Foundation via Apple TV Plus. It is a popular streaming service by Apple. It houses a wide collection of series and movies with diverse genres and production houses. Some of its content is original, but it also streams features by other production houses.

For already existing users of Apple products, you can easily sign up for Apple TV Plus on your devices, otherwise making an account for it is merely a click away on their website or their app. You will need an account to watch anything you want to on Apple TV Plus.

How to watch Foundation online for free legally

You can watch Foundation for free via Apple TV Plus.

This is possible because Apple TV Plus offers a seven-day free trial to its users and a one-month free trial for existing Apple users who have purchased the company’s products before. It’s a perfect opportunity to watch any of their original series, including Foundation, completely for free.

What is Foundation about?

Foundation, as its name suggests, serves as a cornerstone for the science fiction genre. Loosely based on novels by Isaac Asimov, a highly esteemed writer known for his precise scientific writing style, intricate world-building, and visionary portrayal of a future where humans coexist with robots amidst rapid scientific progress.

The TV series follows a Galactic Empire on the brink of descending into a dark age, mirroring Earth’s history. Hari Seldon, a profound mathematician and scientific figure, strives to develop plans and strategies to prevent this downfall. Thus, Foundation refers to the framework of strategies he lays out to mitigate the Empire’s impending collapse.

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