Viewers are curious to know if they stream and watch A Tourist’s Guide to Love online? So, here are all the streaming details you need to know.

Heartbroken after a blindsiding breakup, Amanda, a jaded travel executive, seeks a fresh start by accepting a secret mission. Dispatched to Vietnam, she poses as a tourist while gathering intel on the industry. Yet, amidst the country’s captivating beauty, a chance encounter with Sinh, a charming Vietnamese expat tour guide, changes everything. Sparks fly as they navigate cultural differences and explore hidden gems in the country. Soon, their professional connection blossoms into a passionate romance.

How to watch A Tourist’s Guide to Love streaming online

You can watch A Tourist’s Guide to Love via Netflix.

Netflix is an online streaming service, offering a vast library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original content. Subscribers can watch these programs on demand, anytime and anywhere, on a variety of devices.

Viewers have to simply signup on to the official website with their details to watch and stream it online.

Can you watch A Tourist’s Guide to Love online for free legally?

You can’t watch A Tourist’s Guide to Love for free.

Unlike other streaming platforms, it does not offers free trial. This is why viewers can stream it only if they have a valid subscription.

What is A Tourist’s Guide to Love about?

A Tourist’s Guide to Love follows Amanda, a heartbroken travel executive who seeks solace in an undercover work assignment to Vietnam. Disillusioned by a failed relationship, she encounters Sinh, a charming tour guide who opens her eyes to the beauty of the country and reignites her passion for life. As they explore hidden gems and navigate cultural differences, a spark ignites between them.

The movie features Rachael Leigh Cook as Amanda Riley, Scott Ly as Sinh Thach
Ben Feldman as John, and several others in key roles.

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