Marvel Studios’ Head of Streaming, Television, and Animation Brad Winderbaum recently opened up about the upcoming television series Eyes of Wakanda.

In a recent appearance on The Official Marvel Podcast (via Entertainment Weekly), Winderbaum dived a bit more into the series, revealing that the series will focus on the history of Wakanda, while also still exploring the future of the MCU.

“This is a story about Wakandan history. It’s produced by Ryan Coogler, directed by Todd Harris, who is one of our longtime storyboard artists…. It’s an awesome show, the action’s insane, the storytelling is fantastic,” Winderbaum said.

“It’s both about the history of Wakanda, but it also expands into the greater MCU at different time periods. So if you’re a fan of the movies, I think this show’s gonna be a real treat.”

What do we know about Eyes of Wakanda?

“Eyes of Wakanda, more than any other show, fits right into our sacred MCU timeline continuity,” Winderbaum previously explained. “…It’s about Wakandan history and mythology, and it’s really cool. It looks amazing. And it feels like, ‘Okay I’m getting an animated look into the MCU.’”

Eyes of Wakanda is planned to release on Disney+ at some point in 2024. Little other information about the series has been revealed at this time, though Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is producing the show.

“Throughout Wakandan history, brave warriors have been tasked to travel the world retrieving dangerous vibranium artifacts. This is their story,” the official description reads.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)

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