• In Elden Ring, there are numerous powerful weapon combinations that players can use to dominate the battlefield.
  • Players can use combinations of weapons in the same category to reach optimized damage results against enemies.
  • Alternatively, they can use unique weapons that allow them to dual-wield, like many of the ones introduced in Shadow of the Erdtree.

Dual-wielding weapons is a high-risk playstyle in Elden Ring, but some particular combos can reap a powerful reward. In lieu of a shield, players can equip two different armaments (or both of the same kind, if they happen to come across two) to dish out high damage and satisfying dual-wield combos on their enemies. However, since offense ends up being the main tool of survival, it’s important to choose two weapons with synergy. With 309 weapons in Elden Ring to choose from, this can be a daunting task.

Similar to Dark Souls 2, players are somewhat restricted in what armaments they can use to power stance, unlocking higher damage and a unique move set. Technically any two weapons can be dual-wielded in Elden Ring, but only by using those of the same category can one unlock these additional benefits. So whether it’s against players in Elden Ring‘s best PvP locations, or against NPC enemies or bosses, it’s generally recommended to stick to one weapon type for maximum efficacy. That being said, there are still countless weapon combos, and some are certainly better than others.


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Elden Ring’s Godskin Peeler & Eleonora’s Poleblade Are The Best Twinblade Combo

Mixing Blood Loss With Fire Damage Can Melt Through Opponents

Twinblades are among the most satisfying weapons in Elden Ring due to their speed, and this effect is doubled when dual-wielding. Specifically, pairing the Godskin Peeler and Eleonora’s Poleblade makes for some particularly bloody results. Both weapons can inflict a significant chunk of blood loss, especially when running a Dexterity and Arcane build. The Godskin Peeler does a decent amount of physical damage on its own, but equipping it with the Ash of War: Seppuku and the Occult affinity can proc bleed at an even greater rate, quickly melting through enemies. Dual Godskin Peeler is a popular combination for this reason.

However, it’s even stronger when paired with Eleonora’s Poleblade: one of Elden Ring‘s best Arcane weapons. This twinblade is by far the most powerful in its class, not only because of its 50/50 split between physical and fire damage but also because of its passive blood loss buildup. This grants it excellent synergy with the Godskin Peeler, especially whilst utilizing its weapon art, Bloodblade Dance Skill . As long as the enemy doesn’t have a high Robustness stat, a few jump attacks from a player wielding the Godskin Peeler and Eleonora’s Poleblade will cause considerable damage.

Halo Scythe & Grave Scythe Are Elden Ring’s Best Reaper Combo

Players Are Covered On Nearly All Bases With These Two Weapons

Elden Ring's Halo Scythe and Grave Scythe against official game art.

Scythes, known as Reapers, are one of Elden Ring‘s most underdeveloped weapon categories, currently only having five to choose from. Nevertheless, it’s worth dual-wielding the Halo Scythe and the Grave Scythe , especially for any Tarnished running a Dexterity and Faith build. The Grave Scythe lays a solid foundation for this power stance combo, having the highest base damage output of any Reaper and decent bleed buildup. Plus, since Elden Ring‘s Colosseum update included a buff to Scythe attack speed and recovery time, players really can’t go wrong with this gothic weapon, especially when infusing it with an ash of war.

The Halo Scythe is a must-have for any Faith build. It also has solid blood loss buildup alongside physical and holy damage, but it truly sets itself apart through its weapon art, Miquella’s Ring of Light. As its name suggests, this ranged attack sends out a ring of light that does holy damage, making it a menace to Undead enemies. It can be fired in rapid succession, provided the player has the appropriate amount of FP and stamina. Combined with the high damage output of the Grave Scythe, these two Reapers create a surprisingly versatile bleed-based build in Elden Ring.

Giant-Crusher & Prelate’s Inferno Crozier Are Elden Ring’s Best Colossal Weapons

These Two Weapons Are Slow, But The Payoff Is Immense

Elden Ring's Prelate Inferno Crozier and Giant-Crusher against official game art.

Colossal Weapons were one of many underpowered weapons buffed in Elden Ring‘s 1.07 patch, and any player running a Strength build can benefit from dual-wielding them. These giant armaments not only look cool in the hands of the Tarnished, but they also pack a devastating punch to all those unlucky enough to oppose them. A classic combination is the Giant-Crusher and Prelate’s Inferno Crozier , which will require 60 and 45 points in Strength respectively, but they’re well worth the investment (especially for those frequenting the PvP Colosseums).

Apart from the Prelate’s Inferno Crozier’s high damage output, it also deals fire damage with its default weapon art, Prelate’s Charge. It can be infused with ashes of war, and it has a unique animation that can send squishy enemies catapulting. However, the true hero of this dual-wield combo in Elden Ring is the Giant-Crusher. Like all Colossal Weapons, it’s slow to wield, but its weapon art in Elden Ring, Endure, can aid. Plus, when upgraded to the Heavy affinity, it raises Strength scaling to S – increasing its damage significantly for those who have 60 Strength as a prerequisite.

Elden Ring’s Best Halberd Combo Is The Dragon Halberd & Guardian’s Swordspear

These Two Weapons Make For Powerful & Quick Attacks

Elden Ring's Dragon Halberd and Guardian's Swordspear against official game art.

A power stance combo for Tarnished focused on both Strength and Dexterity comes from the category of Halberds: specifically, the Dragon Halberd and the Guardian’s Swordspear . Just like Colossal Weapons, these armaments typically have a lower attack speed, but the tradeoff is extremely high damage output. The Guardian’s Swordspear is the exception to this rule with an unusually fast move set. Even being able to use ashes of war, its only downside is that it can be tricky to locate with a maximum drop rate of 2% – but it’s well worth keeping an eye out for this particular weapon.

The Dragon Halberd is also unique in that it deals 10% extra damage to all Dragons in Elden Ring (apart from Ancient Dragons, which will only take 5% extra damage). Plus, it has the highest base attack damage out of its entire class, making it a solid pick even against non-Dragon enemies. Combined with the strength of the Guardian’s Swordspear, these two Halberds go hand in hand for any Dexterity and Strength-based player.

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree’s Rellana’s Twin Blades Is Considered The Best Light Greatsword

The Special Weapon Has A Powerful Stance Mechanic

The arrival of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC opened up a huge number of opportunities for players with over 100 new weapons, be they melee or ranged. While choosing different weapons to dual-wield together is still possible, some new weapons are offering players the chance to gear up both their hands with a single item. The best example of this is Rellana’s Twin Blade’s , considered the best Light Greatsword in Elden Ring. Light Greatswords are a new weapon category and Rellana’s Twin Blade’s allow players to wield one sword in each hand.

The weapon’s special skill allows them to take on a stance and, depending on which weapon they choose, they can deal magic damage with ranged attacks, much like the ones shot off by Dark Moon Greatsword , or a flame attack, like the one offered by one of the stances of the Sword of Night and Flame . Rellana’s Twin Blades offers great attack power, high mobility when compared to the broader Greatsword category, incredible scaling, and extreme versatility to deal with opponents within melee or from afar.

Dancing Blade Of Ranah Offers Elden Ring Players A Unique Moveset

The Weapon Is Exclusive To Shadow Of The Erdtree

Similarly, another single weapon that allows players to dual wield in Shadow of the Erdtree is the Dancing Blade of Ranah . This is a Curved Sword that, when dual-wielded, puts one blade in each of the character’s hands. To obtain it, players will need to explore the DLC and beat the Dancer of Ranah boss on the Cerulean Coast. The Dancing Blade of Ranah scales off Strength and Dexterity and is a fantastic Elden Ring weapon for quick strikes that rapidly carve away at enemies’ HP bars.

Moreover, not only is the new Curved Sword strong, but it also grants the player a unique moveset. Living up to its name, the user dances while striking with the Dancing Blade of Ranah, transforming combat into an elegant form of art. This may not be the best Curved Sword in the game, but it is one that allows players with Dexterity builds to have extra fun while wielding, simply due to the aesthetic value that the new set of animations provides.

Smithscript Cirque Is A Stylish Backhand Blade In Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree

The Weapon Can Be Thrown And Combined With Stat-Specific Builds

Elden Ring's Smithscript Cirque is highlighted with the Erdtree in the distance.

Yet another weapon in Shadow of the Erdtree that permits players to dual-wield a piece in each hand by equipping only one item is Smithscript Cirque . This chakram-like weapon is part of the new Backhand Blade category from the DLC. While it does not have a special skill like the Curseblade’s Cirque , for example, the Smithscript Cirque excels in damage output and is great when infused with a single type of stat scaling. Players can effectively melt through opponents with this new Elden Ring DLC weapon.

In addition to its agility through regular strikes, the Smithscript Cirque is a throwable weapon via the heavy attack, which means players can hit opponents that are out of melee range. The weapon’s range is not the best, but it is an alternative to the player’s kit when enemies are a ways off. A common way of using the Smithscript Cirque in Elden Ring is to infuse it with Flame Art and build Faith, for instance, which can make it an extremely lethal dual-wielding weapon.


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With hundreds of armaments across dozens of different melee categories, the infinite possibilities can become overwhelming – but the power stance combinations for Twinblades, Reapers, Colossal Weapons, and Halberds can prove the most useful. Being both versatile and high in damage, Tarnished should not hesitate to dual-wield these weapons if they happen to come across them in Elden Ring‘s Lands Between or the Shadow of the Erdtree‘s Realm of Shadow.

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