Why deal with all of that visa paperwork when you could just move without filling out a single form?

Photo by Marek Okon on Unsplash


Nobody wants to deal with them.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just pack your bag and head out?

It’s even worse if you want to move somewhere. Maybe you can secure a long-term residence visa, a work visa, or a digital nomad visa, but some of these are only good for a year, and even so, few lead to residency.

That means, eventually, you’ll likely need to ship off again.

In order to stay indefinitely inside of a foreign country you will, 99% of the time, need to handle visa applications, which likely means scheduling trips to embassies and talking to immigration officials.

But what about that extra one percent?

That one percent (technically it’s less than one percent), will grant you an indefinite stay when you visit. This means, when you arrive, your tourist visa does not expire. You can, very literally, stay for as long as you want.

There are no extension applications required. There’s no leaving for a few months or performing a border run. You can, if you want to, pack up a…

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