The workplace romance Chinese drama As Beautiful As You, featuring Xu Kai and Tan Songyun in the lead roles, released episode 4 on July 3, 2024. As seen in the official trailer, Han Ting (Xu Kai) invests in Ji Xing’s (Tan Songyun) company after she resigns from her job. Episode four will focus on why she chose to do so. 

In this episode, Ji Xing reaches the hospital, only to find that the health-screening robot of Dongyang Medical is facing a bug problem. As the crowd of patients starts to get impatient, Ji Xing offers to look into the matter. She carefully examines the issue, solves it, and, in no time, gets the system up and running.

After the doctor sincerely shows his gratitude for the help, Ji Xing uses this opportunity to convince him to test the robot programmed by Robot Bay. Meanwhile, Han Ting arrives at the hospital. He apologizes for the inconvenience and promises to get the whole system checked.

As Beautiful As You episode 4 spoilers

As Ji Xing and Han Ting walk out of the hospital, the former reveals that she believes the bug problem was set by someone. When she arrived at the hospital, she saw a strange man trying to vex the angry crowd by highlighting Dongyang Medical’s name. She asks him to look into it. 

Ji Xing receives a text from her subordinate informing her that there has been a press release about the issue already. This confirms their doubt that this whole fiasco was a big setup. Han Ting offers to give Ji Xing a lift in his car, but she refuses. He understands that she wants to avoid being seen with him in case the whole incident blows up. He advises her not to give so much importance to what others think. 

Why did Tan Songyun resign from her job?

Ji Xing’s boss, Songlin, defends her in front of Miss Zeng. He reminds her that Ji Xing is an extremely capable engineer. Not only did she help Dongyang Medical debug the system of DoctorCloud, but she also won many awards for the company. But Miss Zeng manipulates him into thinking that if Ji Xing gets promoted too quickly, she will threaten his position. 

Manipulated by Miss Zeng, Songlin assigns laborious tasks to Ji Xing. When she brings up the fact that the task should be managed by the marketing department, he completely diminishes her complaint and also delays her promotion. Ji Xing has had enough and finally takes a stand for herself.

She knows that her boss deliberately assigns her tedious tasks. Furthermore, she also realizes that he is the one who talked to HR and convinced them not to promote her. She decides to complain directly to Miss Zeng. 

But her heart breaks when Miss Zeng completely ignores her objection. She refuses to meddle in departmental issues. She even calls her narrow-minded for doubting Songlin. 

After Ji Xing comes back to her desk, Songlin tries to cheer her up. But she has had enough. She resigns on a whim, puts down her employee card, and gets out of the building. Han Ting observes her walking out of the office. 

What happens in As Beautiful As You episode 4’s ending?

Ji Xing calls her boyfriend to inform him of what she did. To her surprise, he completely supports her decision. He assures her that her happiness means the most to him. 

Meanwhile, the old woman Ji Xing had helped at the hospital calls her. She reveals how she has still been suffering from toothache. This prompts Ji Xing to set up a free medical camp at the fishing village where the grandmother lives. The camp is a collaboration project with Dongyang Medical, and Han Ting also arrives at the village.

He offers her to join his company as an AI engineer, but she declines. After the successful camp and observing the suffering of the old people up close, Ji Xing thinks about ways to help them.

As Beautiful As You is available to stream throughout the week on Tencent Video, WeTV, and iQIYI

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