Warning: Contains SPOILERS for The Boys season 4, episode 3!




  • The Boys season 4 flips the script on Starlight’s assault, putting her abuser in a similar position.
  • Homelander’s power remains strong over The Seven, leading to a disturbing scene involving The Deep.
  • The Deep’s assault on Starlight continues to define his character in season 4, shaping his arc.

Contains discussions of sexual assault.

The Boys season 4 features a disturbing scene starring the Deep – one that flips a controversial Starlight moment from season 1. Starlight’s story in The Boys‘ debut season is a dark one, chronicling the days shortly after she joins The Seven and learns about the seedier side of Vought’s superhero world. However, The Boys season 4 completely flips this dynamic, putting Starlight’s abuser in a similar position to the one Starlight herself was forced into during season 1.

The Boys season 4 kicks off with a three-episode premiere, which sees the Seven trying to replace Starlight and Queen Maeve with two new supes. Homelander’s iron grip over Vought remains strong, and all members of the Seven in The Boys are much too frightened to resist his commands. Even powerful The Boys characters like the Deep and A-Train do not dare refuse their esteemed leader, and this uneven power balance inside Seven Tower leads to The Boys season 4’s reversal of season 1’s Starlight scene.


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Homelander’s Punishment For The Deep In The Boys Season 4 Flips Season 1’s Starlight Scene

The Table Is Turned On The Deep

Elisabeth Shue as Madelyn Stillwell, Chase Crawford as The Deep And Erin Moriarty as Starlight in The Boys

Despite possessing the control he always craved, Homelander is annoyed at the team’s unflinching loyalty to him in The Boys season 4, episode 1, causing him to punish The Deep. Homelander tells the Deep to walk over to A-Train and perform oral sex on him, and out of fear, the Deep complies before he is commanded to stop by Homelander.

This scene directly parallels Starlight’s controversial introduction to the Deep from The Boys season 1, in which the villainous supe forced Starlight to perform a sex act on him at the top of Seven Tower. This terrifying scene set the Deep up as a rapist, and has defined his character throughout the show. The Boys season 4 puts the Deep in the opposite position, with Homelander this time forcing him into performing a sex act without consent, but, unlike Starlight, the Deep is not actually made to go through with it.


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The Deep’s Assault On Starlight Is Still Defining His Character After 4 Seasons

And It Will Continue To In The Show’s Future

While the Deep and A-Train’s The Boys season 4 scene is dark, it proves that Deep’s assault on Starlight is still defining his character after four seasons. The Deep’s character arc in The Boys has entirely centered around the repercussions of his sexual assault of Starlight, with him getting fired from the Seven, joining the Church of the Collective in season 2, then attempting to rejoin the Seven in season 3.

Now in The Boys season 4, Homelander’s abuse of the Deep’s loyalty has thematic ties to the controversial Starlight scene, proving the Deep’s current arc has roots back to season 1, and is still exploring that early, defining moment for Chace Crawford’s character. The Deep’s sexual assault of Starlight will undoubtedly continue to play into the future of The Boys – something that is highlighted by season 4, episode 1’s dynamic flip.

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