One of the things I love most about the original Star Wars movies is the musical score written by John Williams. That music is timeless and it makes those movies timeless.

Had George Lucas opted to incorporate pop culture music from the 1970s, the movie would’ve not aged well. It would have been silly and immediately dated the movies. Just look at the Star Wars Christmas Special!

Lucas and Williams set a certain standard for Star Wars music that we’ve seen followed in every Star Wars project until now.

The Acolyte did something with the franchise that hasn’t been done before in terms of music as they have incorporated an R&B song titled “The Power of Two” which is sung by Grammy-winning R&B artist Victoria Monét. It was co-written by Monét, series composer Michael Abels (Us and Nope), and producer D’Mile (Judas & the Black Messiah). 

The song is about to the two twin characters in the film Mae and Osha.

I’m not really an R&B fan, but even if it was a punk rock song, I’d still raise my eyebrows at it because this is just a strange and different move for the franchise.

The Star Wars franchise is evolving into something else and while there are people open to the idea, a lot of fans aren’t happy with it. Lucassfilm is really trying to take big swings and shake things up in the franchise.

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