• Don’t assume Haymitch will be the protagonist in the new Hunger Games prequel; the focus may be different.
  • The “Sunrise on the Reaping” book setting doesn’t mention Haymitch, hinting at potential surprises.
  • The new book could feature multiple POV characters, offering fresh perspectives beyond just Haymitch.



There’s a new Hunger Games book and movie on the way, and while this is certainly exciting, the story may not follow the character everyone assumes. Author Suzanne Collins announced that she was preparing a new prequel for release and noted that it would be set 40 years after the events of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. This is a pretty significant hint regarding the story, and fans have since run with the idea that it will center around a specific protagonist. However, there hasn’t been any confirmation that this is the case.

The announcement for the coming prequel, which is titled Sunrise on the Reaping, came first through Scholastic. It was revealed that the new story would pick up on the morning of the 50th Hunger Games, which happened to be the tournament won by District 12’s Haymitch Abernathy. This is undoubtedly exciting since fans of The Hunger Games have been requesting a Haymitch prequel for years. However, while Haymitch must certainly be a feature of the coming book (and movie adaptation), we don’t know for sure that he will be the point-of-view character.


10 Hunger Games Characters Who Can Return In The New Prequel Movie

The new Hunger Games prequel will cover the 50th Games, and there are several franchise characters who are likely (or guaranteed) to appear.

Hunger Games: Sunrise On The Reaping’s Announcement Doesn’t Mention Haymitch

The Official Announcement For Sunrise On The Reaping Only Reveals The Book’s Setting

Woody Harrelson's Haymitch and Hunger Games Sunrise On The Reaping
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It has been assumed that Sunrise on the Reaping would be from Haymitch’s point of view since he is the victor of the 50th Hunger Games. However, neither the Scholastic announcement nor any other official coverage from Suzanne Collins has specifically mentioned this character’s name. This is strange since the announcement for The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes made it explicitly clear that a young Coriolanus Snow would be the central character. This means that there is a chance that Sunrise on the Reaping will surprise us.

The Hunger Games Prequel Book May Follow Haymitch’s Games From Another POV

Other Characters Could Offer A Valuable Perspective Of The 50th Hunger Games

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Haymitch isn’t the only character who played a prominent role in the 50th Hunger Games. He may have been the victor, but, as is the nature of the games, he was only a piece on a much larger chessboard. It’s always possible that Sunrise on the Reaping will again be from Coriolanus Snow’s perspective, allowing the newest prequel to serve as a direct sequel to The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Or, the story could take the point of view of one of the other tributes, like District 12’s Maysilee Donner. Of course, given her impending death, this may be tricky.

It’s also possible that Sunrise on the Reaping will take several points of view, allowing multiple characters, like Haymitch, Maysilee, President Snow, and others, to give readers their perspectives.

It’s also possible that Sunrise on the Reaping will take several points of view, allowing multiple characters, like Haymitch, Maysilee, President Snow, and others, to give readers their perspectives. Collins hasn’t yet done this in her Hunger Games books—Katniss’ story was exclusively from her own perspective, while Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes took Snow’s POV. However, as a potential capper for the franchise, with perhaps the largest number of characters at play at one time, Sunrise on the Reaping could benefit from a variety of POV protagonists.

Sunrise on the Reaping
book will release on March 18, 2025, with the movie adaptation following on November 20, 2026.

Why It Makes Sense For Sunrise On The Reaping To Have A Different Protagonist

Suzanne Collins’ Established Hunger Games Pattern May Hint At A New Perspective

It would certainly be exciting to take Haymitch’s point of view in Sunrise on the Reaping, and this is undoubtedly what is expected from the upcoming book and movie. However, the fact that both The Hunger Games and Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes left so many unanswered questions is reason enough to take a variety of perspectives in this next installment. There is a lot about Snow that still needs to be understood, especially at this point in the timeline. What’s more, there will be a lot of interest in what state District 13’s rebellion is in during the 50th Games.

Collins’ pattern in her Hunger Games books is also something to be considered. The Hunger Games trilogy took the perspective of a District tribute, while The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes allowed readers to see the games from a Capitol teen’s point of view. Now, as Collins explores the final unexplored year that the tournament was won by a District 12 tribute, it may make sense for the author to again take a fresh angle. The title, Sunrise on the Reaping, could indicate that the reaping itself will be a stronger focus, so perhaps a tribute’s parent, sibling, or friend will get the POV. Only time will tell.

The Hunger Games: Sunrise on the Reaping (2026)

Release Date
November 20, 2026

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