• Trini’s legacy as the original Yellow Ranger is tarnished by Rita Repulsa’s daughter becoming the new Yellow Ranger.
  • Selena Repulsa steals morphers and Trini’s legacy to resurrect her evil parents, using Trini’s powers for malevolent purposes.
  • Selena’s twisted version of the Yellow Ranger suit symbolizes her evil intentions, contrasting with Trini’s heroic legacy.



Warning: Spoilers for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return #4!The newest member of the Power Rangers is the last person that original Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan would have wanted to wear her suit. Trini’s legacy on the original show places her among the most beloved Rangers in the franchise’s history, and considering her promotion to Red Ranger status in the BOOM! Studios universe, she’s proven herself as one of the best.

Unfortunately, the daughter of Rita Repulsa looks to sully Trini’s legacy by becoming the new Yellow Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return #4 by Amy Jo Johnson, Matt Hotson, Nico Leon, Dono Sanchez-Almara, and Ed Dukeshire. At the start of the series, Selena Repulsa acquaints herself to the Power Rangers under the guise of claiming to be a relative of Trini’s. The undercover villain proclaims to a retired Kimberly Hart that she wants to become the next Power Ranger.

Selena Repulsa meets Kimberly Hart the original Pink Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Incidentally, after exposing her true colors, Selena’s words become gospel in ways that dismantle Trini’s original mission.

Rita Repulsa’s Daughter is the New Yellow Ranger

Decades after the Power Rangers permanently decimated Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, their daughter Selena Repulsa surfaces for the first time to enact revenge on behalf of her parents. After stealing items from the late Trini Kwan (including her morpher), she earns the trust of Kimberly Hart by convincing her she’s Trini’s relative. She strikes when the former Pink Ranger least expects it, stealing Kim’s and the rest of the Rangers’ morphers in the hopes of resurrecting her mother from the Morphin Grid.

When that plan backfires, Selena Repulsa sticks to her word by using Trini’s morpher to become the new Yellow Ranger to fend off the original Power Rangers. Selena’s evil aura is enough to modify the classic Yellow Ranger suit, adding a more sinister mouth plate and visor and spiked armor across the shoulders and side body areas. The newest aspects of the suit bear a twisted combination between the White Dino Thunder suit and Lord Drakkon’s costume. Given those characters’ histories as evil Rangers, the resemblance may have been intentional by the creative team.

How Selena Repulsa Twists the Yellow Power Ranger’s Mission Statement

A Hero’s Path is Burned With Evil

former Power Rangers honor Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan the original Yellow Ranger-1

Years after her time as a Power Ranger is behind her, Trini dedicates her life to finding new ways to be a hero. Before her death, the original Yellow Ranger leaves behind one final legacy in Angel Grove as its longest serving mayor, as well as serving as the High Commissioner of Human Rights for the United Nations. Trini spent her entire life, Ranger or not, showing how someone can be a hero and trying to spread natural good across the globe.

Selena Repulsa, on the other hand, is using Trini’s powers for just the opposite. Not only is she using powers that once belonged to Trini to fight her friends, but seeing as she escapes the clutches of the Power Rangers, she will surely continue to use those powers for evil across the universe. Even the more canonical version of Trini outside of this alternate universe died as a Ranger. Selena Repulsa is dedicating her life to twisting the Yellow Ranger‘s abilities to torment the Power Rangers.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return

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Power Rangers

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