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  • Melissa Benoist felt overwhelmed after joining the established, iconic show,
    and being thrust into the spotlight.
  • Benoist’s confidence grew through her hard work on
    , preparing her for her role as Supergirl.
  • On
    Collider Ladies Night,
    Benoist shared high praise for her
    co-star Kevin McHale for always setting the right tone on the set.

Dreaming of fame and fortune is an entirely normal and even typical rite of passage as a young person. As children and teens, many of us see celebrities and wish our lives could be like theirs — full of glitz, glamor, limousines, and yachts. But when it’s put under a microscope, is the price of stardom really worth it? Sure, the public will be following your every move, which is stressful all on its own, but what about how you feel about your commitment to your craft and how audiences are taking that in? This under-talked-about pressure is one that Supergirl and The Girls on the Bus star Melissa Benoist says she felt deeply after landing her role as Marley Rose on Season 4 of Fox’s uber-popular series, Glee.

During a conversation with Perri Nemiroff during an installment of Collider Ladies Night, Benoist said that she was faced with the “overwhelming” feeling of being in the spotlight after landing her gig on Glee. Revealing to Nemiroff that the biggest misconception surrounding an up-and-coming actor’s breakout role is “the glamor of it all,” Benoist explained:

“Particularly in my experience,
was already so established. It was already a part of the zeitgeist. It had this aura about it. I joined, and
it was so much more difficult than I anticipated it being
. Also, I’ll just say it, fame is really scary to me. That was overwhelming. It’s overwhelming to all of a sudden feel eyes on you, and I’m not just talking about in day-to-day life. I mean, like the awareness that
people are watching you and watching your work
. That was a feeling I didn’t anticipate. I’ve since gotten more used to it, but it was foreign back then, and overwhelming.

Something that did change for the better was that I really slowly but surely started to hone in on what I wanted to tell in stories, and I just gained more confidence, self-awareness, and adaptability. That all happened on that first job.”

Melissa Benoist’s Time On ‘Glee’ Electrified Her Confidence

Despite her initial overwhelming start on the series, Benoist continued to shine week after week on Glee. It was through her time on the Ryan Murphy-created series that the actress said she realized she had what it took to make it big in Hollywood. Recalling the stressful and exhausting schedule and hours of singing and dancing rehearsals, Benoist revealed that the show ultimately gave her the confidence to move forward with her role on The CW’s Supergirl.

“What I learned on
was that I was a really hard worker and that I could do really hard things because
the schedule on that show was grueling
because there were so many moving parts. It was fun but tough. I’m sure if you’ve had anyone else from the show on here, they’ve said the same thing. You had to rehearse the dances, you had to prerecord the songs, then you had to film the songs, and filming the songs were a lot longer — they took hours and hours and hours — and then you also had the scene work. Then I knew that
was going to carry a lot of pressure, and the responsibilities were going to be immense. I think that
my experience on
gave me the belief that I had the ability to carry


Kevin McHale Knew How to “Set the Tone” on ‘Glee’kevin mchale glee

Appearing in the role of Artie Abrams, Kevin McHale was one of the many talented ensemble members making up the cast of Glee. Looking back on her breakthrough role, Benoist said she was happy and lucky to have the young actor by her side as an example of how to show up to set with plenty of positivity and gratitude. “He just had the best vibe,” Benoist said of her Glee co-star, adding,

“He’s funny, he’s just got a great energy, was always cracking jokes, always singing, and that is so important on a set. The vibe is everything.
if you are [at] the top of the call sheet, you set the tone. Kevin wasn’t [at] the top of the call sheet on that show, but it was such an ensemble. He just knew how to set the tone, and I wonder if he knows that. I hope he hears this someday.”

Glee is now streaming on Hulu in the U.S. Don’t miss Benoist’s full episode of Collider Ladies Night below:

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