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  • Jon Hamm reveals he turned down playing Green Lantern, expresses interest in Doctor Doom role for
    Fantastic Four.
  • Hamm had conversations with Marvel and DC, pitching himself for a comic book part he really liked.
  • Fans had suggested Hamm for Omni-Man in
    , but Prime Video focuses on animated series.

The lead star of one of the most beloved TV shows of all time spilled some intriguing news in a recent interview. While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Mad Men legend Jon Hamm revealed that he once passed on a famous DC character, but also has some hopeful insight for potential future comic book movie roles. When asked if some of the roles he’s passed on over the years have been with Marvel and DC, Hamm had this to say:

“Yeah. It’s not like they were saying, ‘We want you to be Iron Man.’ But there were a lot of conversations, and I’m still in those I talk to the guys that run Marvel and DC. And I’m a comic book nerd. So, we’ll see. Even that part of the industry is changing.”

While previously connected to the role of Mister Sinister, Hamm recently expressed interest in playing Doctor Doom in a Fantastic Four movie. The MCU’s Fantastic Four iteration, currently slated to release on July 25, 2025, has been steadily filling out its cast, with Ralph Ineson signing on to play the cosmic villain Galactus. It’s unknown if Galactus will be the feature villain, or perhaps an overarching antagonist that Marvel’s First Family will face off against several times, but it seems unlikely for both Galactus and Doctor Doom to both debut in the same movie. Unfortunately, a potential appearance from Hamm as Doctor Doom or another big-bad may be further than we’d like.

Jon Hamm Turned Down a Legendary DC Character

However, Hamm didn’t stop there; he also went on to reveal that he once turned down a chance to play Green Lantern, and definitely not for scheduling reasons, saying, “That was one I definitely didn’t want to do.” Hamm didn’t say exactly when it was he passed on the role, but Green Lantern fans would argue they’ve yet to be treated to a proper live-action adaptation of the character, with the Ryan Reynolds-led 2011 feature sitting at a “rotten” 25% critics score and a 45% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. He also went on to further elaborate on his contact with Marvel in particular, offering a look inside some of his conversations and even mentioning one Thor: Ragnarok star:

“I’ve pitched myself for a couple parts oof the Marvel universe, I don’t want to say what exactly, but it was a part of a comic book that I really liked. I was like, ‘Are you going to do this story?’ And they were like ‘Yeah, we’re actually thinking of that.’ I go ‘Good, I should be the guy.’ So maybe it’ll work out. But I look at a guy like Jeff Goldbum’s career — and I know Jeff a bit, we used to have the same therapist — and I’m just like ‘God, how awesome to be able to do all the things he’s done.’ He had his leading man phase, and he does Marvel and he’ll just roll through and steal the scene and then he’s doing commercials and he’s funny as shit. I see him out and he’s happy. So, consciously or not, I’m modeling my life to be that: varied and happy and fulfilled.”

While no one could play The Grandmaster quite like Goldblum, it’s hard to deny that Hamm could deliver that same scene-stealing ability. Fans have also called for Hamm to play Omni-Man in a potential live-action version of Invincible, but it appears Prime Video remains focused on prioritizing the animated series before shifting to live-action. Whether Hamm goes on to accept another role in James Gunn‘s DCU, or finally inks a deal to play Doctor Doom or another MCU character, we’ll be seated in support all the same.

Hamm has yet to be cast in a superhero role, but Collider will be there to deliver the news if he is. You can also catch Hamm in Season 5 of Fargo, now streaming on Hulu.

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