• Arcane season 2 brings an emotional showdown between Vi and Jinx, setting the stage for a heart-wrenching conclusion to their story.
  • The upcoming League of Legends shows emphasize the importance of Vi and Jinx’s relationship in Arcane, making their story more crucial than ever.
  • As Arcane wraps up with season 2, fans can expect a powerful sendoff for Vi and Jinx, highlighting their tragic and emotional journey.



A major Arcane announcement makes Vi and Jinx’s story even bigger than before, and I’m not ready for the heartbreak. Netflix’s hit show is set to return in November and while I can’t wait to see what’s next, the tragic tale between these two sisters looks like it will be even more emotional. Arcane season 2 already teased Vi and Jinx’s story getting darker in the next installment which makes a happy ending unlikely, and with both characters so likable in their own unique ways, I’m not prepared to see their story come to an end.

Despite the show’s popularity and critical acclaim, Arcane season 2 will be the final outing of the iconic series. The League of Legends adaptation has done an incredible job of bringing this detailed universe to life in a TV format while telling plenty of engaging stories, but given the show is ending with its second season, this instantly raises the stakes for the sisters’ story. This makes Vi and Jinx’s teased showdown feel even bigger as the show won’t continue, but one other major Arcane announcement increases the ramifications of their season 2 encounter significantly.

New League Of Legends Shows Make Vi & Jinx’s Story More Crucial In Arcane Season 2

Jinx & Vi Are Unlikely To Appear In Future League Of Legends Shows

While I have mixed feelings about Arcane ending with season 2, more League of Legends shows are on the way, making Vi and Jinx’s story more crucial than ever. Despite Arcane‘s imminent conclusion, Christian Linke (Arcane creator), confirmed that Netflix will once again team up with Fortiche to create more stories in Runeterra. Fortiche is the animation studio behind Arcane and the confirmation that they will work on more League of Legends stories is exciting, but this also makes Vi and Jinx’s story in season 2 incredibly important.

With other League of Legends shows set to happen, it is clear that Vi and Jinx’s relationship is at the heart of Arcane. While wider lore and world-building could play a part in future shows alongside the war between Zaun and Piltover, Vi and Jinx’s story is unique to Arcane. It is unlikely that future shows will have a similar story that can match the emotional distress of two sisters falling down completely different paths and becoming enemies, and although there is still love between the two, their opposing journeys have them on opposite sides of Arcane‘s war.

Vi’s relationship with Caitlyn and search for peace puts her on the side of Piltover, while Jinx’s rebellious and anarchist nature seems to make her an inspiration for Zaun.

Jinx’s attack in Arcane season 1’s ending set up the events of season 2 and ensured she’d be fighting against her own sister. Vi’s relationship with Caitlyn and search for peace puts her on the side of Piltover, while Jinx’s rebellious and anarchist nature seems to make her an inspiration for Zaun. While the announcement of more shows means Netflix can still focus on the devastation of this war in the future, Arcane is clearly about the two sisters and I hope season 2 focuses heavily on their story and relationship.

Season 2’s Trailer Makes Vi & Jinx’s Story Even More Heartbreaking

The Sisters Find Themselves On Opposing Sides Of Arcane’s War

Arcane season 2’s trailer showed Vi and Jinx fighting one another, adding to the heartbreak around their story. Given they both came from the same background and possess similar beliefs, their season 2 conflict is even harder to swallow. Despite Vi’s good intentions and attempts to protect Jinx, her reaction to Vander’s death only pushed her sister away and contributed to her massive personality shift. Jinx had to deal with a lot of trauma after Vi blamed her for Vander’s death, and this only adds to how heartbreaking it is watching them fight one another.

Knowing that they still care for each other deep down elevates the tragedy around their story, and I’m not prepared for how it could all play out. Arcane season 2’s story has a lot going on, but with the show hopefully putting a lot of the spotlight on the sisters’ battle, it is lining up to be an emotional rollercoaster. Although Vi appears to be the more moral character of the two, I still don’t know who I want to win as either outcome will be heart-wrenching, but I can’t wait to see how it all concludes.

Arcane Has To Give Jinx & Vi A Fitting Sendoff

Jinx & Vi’s Emotional Story Deserves A Strong Conclusion

Jinx VS Vi in Arcane Season 2

Since season 2 will end Vi and Jinx’s story, Arcane must give them a fitting sendoff. Although future League of Legends shows set the stage for some character returns, Vi and Jinx seem unlikely to be back. This is partly because either one of them could be killed off in season 2, but more significantly, Arcane is their story. The show has featured their journey from childhood to where they are now, and it wouldn’t make much sense for them to have anything more than a minor role in any upcoming shows, meaning Arcane has to end their story strongly.


Arcane Season 2 May Have Already Confirmed The Show’s Oldest League Of Legends Theory

The latest teaser trailer for Arcane season 2 suggests that one of the show’s oldest League of Legends theories may become true after all.

I would love to see either character in another League of Legends show, but if they are all set in the same timeline, it simply wouldn’t work. However, since their story is the entire reason more League of Legends projects are happening, they deserve the chance to shine once more in Arcane‘s final outing. Vi and Jinx’s tragic journey has been one of the best TV storylines I’ve ever witnessed, and if season 2 can maintain the same quality, I hope the series gives their final encounter plenty of time to breathe and provides them with a fitting conclusion.

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