A husband’s sweet gesture for his wife is generating massive discourse on TikTok after one user shared an anecdote about needing to hide the giant moissanite ring her husband bought her on Etsy to make up for the “tiny diamond” he originally proposed with.

TikTok user sahmmm321 confided in her two thousand followers that she was scared of getting robbed due to the size of her new ring, but the video accidentally blew up, amassed nearly 3 million views, and has now turned into a battlefield of ring enthusiasts discussing the appearance and reputation of moissanite stones versus those of diamonds.

“I promise no one would mistake that for an actually valuable ring,” one commentator charged. “Those rings always look like cheap costume jewelry,” another offered. “Don’t worry it looks like glass,” one more jabbed. Jeez, who would think a simple video about a ring could rile people up this aggressively?

Of course, the rest of the internet came to the woman’s defense by complimenting moissanite as well as her “beautiful” ring. The biggest selling point for fans of the cheaper stone, you ask? That it doesn’t involve any shady or questionable practices.

The comments flexing their 20k of blood diamonds. I like my shiny things to actually be worth their price”

I love moissanite stones they’re lovely I don’t understand all this hate and you don’t even have to worry it was acquired through blood”

And that’s only the beginning of moissanite’s perks.

Why moissanite could be a great diamond replacement for you

Moissanite diamond simulant on white background with space show double refraction property
Image via TommyIX/Getty Images

The people underneath sahmmm321’s post might be major moissanite haters but the mineral is a popular choice for rings, and in this day and age, it has all the attributes to be a much more appropriate investment than diamonds.

As mentioned, moissanite is usually lab-grown and, therefore, cruelty-free. This aspect might not weigh on the consciousnesses of people who wish to flaunt wealth and status above all, but it could be a great solution for those who love beautiful jewelry yet don’t want to contribute to an industry that has historically funded wars and indescribable violence.

Appearance is obviously important. However, we promise you that most people can’t tell the difference between a diamond and a moissanite stone. The distinguishing factors are minor, but they do exist. Moissanite is more radiant and has more sparkle than a diamond, with the latter reflecting a white light as opposed to the former’s rainbow light reflection. It doesn’t cloud or lose its brilliance as easily as other diamond alternatives and has a hardness rate nearly equal to that of a diamond, which means it is durable and resistant to scratches.

Most appealingly, moissanite has a much friendlier cost — you’ll likely be able to buy a stone the size of a one-carat diamond for a third of the price at about $1,000 or less.

The TikTok users riled up over this stay-at-home mom’s impressive ring might not realize it, but she and her husband are actually making the smart choice here.

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