Streamers are finally realizing the power of providing a platform for some of the world’s biggest artists. Some of the best-loved performers in the world have now worked or will soon work alongside major streaming services, with Amazon Prime, in particular, a go-to place for the championing of the best in music. From Ed Sheeran to Lil Durk and even Green Day, Amazon Music Live offers fans a chance to see their favorite artists from their homes.

One such artist who has already found Prime to be the perfect home for their music is Kendrick Lamar, with the rapper and songwriter previously having his 2022 live concert, Kendrick Lamar Live: The Big Steppers Tour, streamed across the world. Now, the two are combining again for Kendrick’s next project, The Pop Out – Ken & Friends. Since 2009, he’s had the world jumping to his incredible music. So, with that in mind, here is a breakdown of exactly how you can watch and stream Kendrick’s concert.

When is Kendrick Lamar’s Concert Coming Out?

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The Pop Out – Ken & Friends live concert officially begins at 4 p.m. PT/ 7 p.m. ET. For K-Dot lovers in the UK, of which there are many, this means the concert will begin at midnight. On the night before the concert, it was revealed via social media that DJ Hed and Mustard would be the show’s opening act.

Where Can You Stream ‘The Pop Out – Ken & Friends’?

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Officially, The Pop Out – Ken & Friends will be available to stream on Prime Video, adding it to the mouth-watering list of other content available on the platform. If you’re someone without a Prime subscription who needs one in time for the concert, a Prime Video subscription is $8.99 per month or can come as part of the greater Prime package, which costs $14.99 per month. Alternatively, an annual subscription is available for $139.

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Can You Stream ‘The Pop Out – Ken & Friends’ Without Prime?

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The short answer is, yes! If you don’t have access to Prime and still want to watch The Pop Out – Ken & Friends, streaming will also be available via Amazon Music’s Twitch Channel.

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Will There Be More Than One Performance of ‘The Pop Out – Ken & Friends’?

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Unfortunately, this special concert was promoted as a one-off event, meaning that no other performances have been scheduled. This is in line with the Juneteenth celebrations and is part of Amazon’s Black Music Month celebration, championing the very best of the artists who have pioneered Black music, from producers to songwriters and performers.

The chance to see one of the greatest rappers and performers of all time was met with high demand, with tickets for the concert selling out instantly. Some even took to social media to claim that they were in an online queue of over 100,000 people, such as Kendrick’s worldwide appeal. However, the allure of this show is also thanks in some small part to the battle Kendrick has recently had with Canadian rapper Drake, with this Kendrick’s first major live performance since the debacle reignited. With their decade-long public clash taking somewhat of a hiatus in recent times, March saw Kendrick revisit the dispute in an appearance on Future and Metro Boomin‘s single “Like That”, in which he took the opportunity to call out both Drake and J. Cole for their 2023 single “First Person Shooter.”

The response to the recent beef has been mixed, with many taking to various online platforms to express their frustrations that an old fire has been relit, all whilst Drake and Kendrick exchange diss tracks. Their claims against each other continued to grow in severity, with the two eventually pulling no punches and proving their disdain for each other is visceral. Some claim that this is part of the reason Kendrick is holding this concert, with the official announcement made just two weeks before its release on June 5.

Other Content to Watch if You Like ‘The Pop Out – Ken & Friends’

If you’re one of the many who will be tuning in for the live Kendrick concert, you’re likely a fan of music in general, with plenty of eye-opening music-based movies waiting to stream online. Here are two such suggestions.

‘Quincy’ (2018)

Quincy Jones smiling in the Netflix documentary Quincy
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Intricate personal documentaries are at their best when conducted with a clear passion for the subject, with Quincy being one of the best examples of this on Netflix. For over 70 years, Quincy Jones was one of the most influential men in music. Not just incredibly popular and even more talented, Quincy was also a pioneer for breaking down the barriers that created racial inequality within the music industry, proving once and for all that music was meant to be appreciated no matter its origin. Even earning a Primetime Emmy, this doc makes for fascinating viewing, as well as a pivotal watch for anyone who considers themselves a fan of modern music, seeing as much of it was influenced by Quincy himself.

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‘Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell’ (2021)

There have been countless documentaries made about the short life of Christopher Wallace (Biggie Smalls), but some might say this is the best. Directed by Emmett Malloy and written by Sam Sweet, this movie depicts the private and public life of one of hip-hop’s greatest performers, showcasing never-before-seen footage of the man himself. Despite many claiming to have truly captured the essence of the man before, Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell feels like the most unadulterated and honest portrayal of the rapper, with this view into his mind-blowing world unlike any other. The movie even won the Grierson British Documentaries Award for Best Music Documentary.

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