Tom Taylor is no stranger to genre epics, having played Jake Chambers in 2017’s Stephen King adaptation The Dark Tower. British audiences may recognize him as Tom Foster in 2015’s Doctor Foster.

Freddie Fox as Ser Gwayne Hightower

While Team Green has some recruiting to do, the backbone of their cause remains the powerful Hightower family from Oldtown to which Hand of the King Otto (Rhys Ifans) and Queen Alicent (Olivia Cooke) belong. Joining the fray this year will be Otto’s youngest son and Alicent’s brother, Ser Gwayne Hightower. Gwayne appeared briefly in armor during a tourney in season 1, but now we’ll finally get to see the face beneath the helm.

That face will be portrayed be Freddie Fox, a prolific British actor of the stage and screen. Fox has a recurring role on Slow Horses and was last seen as James Bond author Ian Fleming in 2024’s The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

Simon Russell Beale as Ser Simon Strong

As evidenced by Alys Rivers’ inclusion on this list, Harrenhal is set to be a major location this season. The man given the unenviable task of stewarding and defending the ruined castle is Ser Simon Strong. While Harrenhal is technically House Strong’s possession going into season 2, their position has been tremendously weakened thanks to Larys (Matthew Needham) killing his brother Harwin (Ryan Corr) and his father Lyonel (Gavin Spokes). Poor Simon, who is Larys’ great-uncle, has his work cut out for him.

Simon Russell Beale is a prolific British performer who The Independent once called “the greatest stage actor of his generation.” He’s popped un in films like The Death of Stalin and TV shows like Penny Dreadful.

Kieran Bew as Hugh

While watching House of the Dragon season 2, you may notice that some characters are introduced for seemingly no reason. Hugh, a lowborn King’s Landing blacksmith, is one such character. If you don’t understand why the show is investing time in this strange bearded man – never fear, it will likely all make sense by season’s end.

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