Grimoires Era is an open-world fighting game built in Roblox that enables players to complete quests, fight other players, and power up their character by gaining levels. Regularly, Grimoires Eras developers release a batch of new codes that can help players on their quest to strengthen their character. From free spins to double experience, codes provide abundant help in Grimoires Eras.



As you explore the map and complete quests in the Roblox Grimoires Era, your character will significantly grow in strength. If you want to fast-track your progression, you can also upgrade or acquire abilities through the game’s spin mechanic. There are many different spin types in Grimoire’s Era, including Aura, Race, Grimoire, and Magic Spins. Instead of trying to earn these spins yourself, it is much faster to utilize the codes below. Alongside spins, increased experience gains and free stat resets are the most popular rewards.


Anime Adventures Roblox Codes (June 2024)

One of the best anime-inspired games on Roblox is Anime Adventures, which offers a set of free rewards during June 2024 through some active codes.

Every Active Grimoires Era Code

In Roblox Grimoires Era, codes grant a wide array of benefits. The most common reward codes provide free spins across multiple wheels. Abilities in the Roblox action role-playing game are divided into different types, each with its gacha mechanic.

Spins can help players upgrade their existing abilities and spells or unlock new ones. Earning spins yourself means tons of farming in Grimoire Eras, so using the codes below is the fastest way to earn hundreds of spins. If you are new to the game and want a quick lesson on how the game works, then BuilderBoy TV‘s video is an excellent starting point.

  • GAMEFUNZYTIKTOK – 169 Grimoire Spins, 69 Aura Spins, 69 Rae Spins, 2 Hours of double XP.
  • DOWNTIMECODE – 200 Grimoire Spins, 50 Aura Spins, 50 Race Spins, 3 Hours of Triple XP.
  • LHacker – 10 Aura Spins, 10 Race Spins, 69 Grimoire Spins.
  • BobLove – 2 Hours of double XP.
  • MikalghostpingL – 69 Grimoire Spins, 69 Aura Spins, 69 Race Spins.
  • 625KMEMBERS – 1 hour of double yen.
  • 600KMEMBERS – 300 Magic Spins.
  • VisualLikesFeet – 200 Magic Spins.
  • VisualDiedToLava – 50 Magic Spins.
  • VisualBlindReal – 200 Magic Spins.
  • VisualBetterThanLev – 10 Grimiore Spins, 10 Aura Spins, 10 Race Spins.
  • TIKTOK – 20 Grimoire Spins, 20 Aura Spins, 20 Race Spins.
  • RACESPINYAY – 30 Race Spins.
  • REALAURASPIN – 30 Aura Spins.
  • EXPCODEISREAL – One hour of triple XP.
  • EASTEREVENTGONE – One hour of double luck.
  • 21MRESET – Stat Reset
  • TradeHubFix – 150 Grimoire Spins
  • DelayedUpdateSorry – 50 Grimoire Spins, 10 Aura Spins, 10 Race Spins.
  • StateReset! – Stat Reset.
  • TRADINGFIX – 50 Grimoire Spins.
  • SORRYFORBUG – 25 Grimoire Spins, 25 Aura Spins, 25 Race Spins.
  • 20MVISITS – One hour of triple XP.
  • 19MVISITS – One hour of triple XP.
  • 18MVISITS – 10 Grimoire Spins.
  • 17MVISITS – 10 Grimoire Spins.
  • 16MRESET – Stat Reset.
  • 16MVISITS – 15 Grimoire Spins.
  • 20MREST – Stat Reset.
  • FUNZY – 10 Aura Spins, 10 Race Spins.
  • TIMEMAGIC – 50 Grimoire Spins.
  • DUNGEONS – 10 Grimoire Spins.
  • GAMEFUNZY – 5 Aura Spins, 5 Race Spins.
  • LIGHTNING – 5 Aura Spins, 5 Race Spins.
  • WERESORRY – 10 Grimoire Spins
  • 80KRESET – Stat Reset.
  • 80KLIKES – 10 Grimoire Spins.
  • 75KRESET – Stat Reset.
  • 75KLIKES – 10 Grimoire Spins.
  • BUILDERBOY – 5 Aura Spins, 5 Race Spins.
  • BRONZEBR – 5 Aura Spins, 5 Race Spins.
  • GHOKSZIN – 6 Grimoire Spins.
  • MEDTW – 5 Aura Spins, 5 Race Spins.
  • GUIZERAYT – 5 Grimoire Spins.
  • GGGAMES – Grimoire Spins.
  • INEGAMES – 20 Grimoire Spins.

Alongside spins, you might notice that many codes also give stat resets and increased XP gains for specific durations. Codes that provide double or triple XP make it much faster and far easier to level up your character in Grimiores Era.

If you want to make the most out of these codes, you should save up several quests you can complete quickly before entering the code. Stat resets allow you to wipe away your current build and re-assign stat points however you see fit.

How To Redeem Codes For Grimoires Era


Redeeming codes in Roblox Grimoires Era is extremely easy. All you need to do is load up the game and enter a lobby. Unlock other Roblox games, such as Blade Ball; these codes are not limited to private lobbies and can be used anywhere. Once in the game, click on the info tab in the top left-hand corner of the screen. A box where you can input your desired code will appear from here.

Make sure that you’re in a safe location when inputting your code. The game will not pause or stop while you load up or redeem your given code.

After you type in your code of choice, you should see green text at the top of your screen stating that the code is successful and that the given rewards have been placed in your account. If the code you input is no longer valid, you will receive red text at the top of your screen informing you of this and no rewards. With this finished, you should have access to free spins, increased XP, or stat rest in the anime-inspired fighting Roblox game.

How To Find New (& Updated) Grimoires Era Codes


If you are a frequent Roblox Grimoires Era code and want to unlock as many free rewards as possible, you may also want to know where to reliably find codes. The two best channels to get verified codes are the developer’s X (formerly Twitter) account and the community Discord.

Game Funzy is the official X account for the Crimoires Era developers, where the company also posts major news and updates. If you don’t want to miss anything, it’s also best to follow all the developers listed in the account’s bio.

The Game Funzy Discord is another valuable source for codes and game news. When you use the link provided, select ‘Codes’ as an option. After you verify your Discord and Roblox accounts, you can access all future codes posted on the server.

Codes are usually posted every month after the game hits significant milestones. Codes are often used to apologize for update delays or bugs that might negatively impact the player experience. Codes do not last forever, so it’s best to use these Roblox Grimoires Era codes as quickly as possible.

Video Credit: BuilderBoy TV/YouTube

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