• Tom Hoskisson (@tomhoskissonart) reimagines the Wolverine x Batman hybrid, Dark Claw, with a modern and deadly look.
  • Dark Claw has the abilities of both Wolverine and Batman, and looks like a perfect combination of the two, something Tom pulls off effortlessly.
  • Dark Claw probably won’t be seen again in comics, but Tom is able to remind fans why he’s one of the most popular hybrid heroes of the Amalgam Age.



In Marvel and DC Comics, Wolverine and Batman are two iconic superheroes who excel at dishing out their brutal brand of justice whenever they’re called upon, resulting in them saving their respective universes countless times over. When the worlds of Marvel and DC collided almost three decades ago, many heroes and villains from both sides combined into single characters, with new fanart featuring the Wolverine x Batman hybrid of Dark Claw proving that the character needs to return to the comic space!

Recently uploaded to Instagram by Tom Hoskisson (@tomhoskissonart), this creative talent expertly channels the visuals of Frank Quitely while simultaneously bringing something that’s undeniably theirs to each piece, resulting in images that belong on a comic panel.

Sharing artwork featuring well-known characters like Spider-Man and Green Goblin, Terry McGinnis’ Batman from Batman Beyond, the Spectre, Iron Man, and more, Tom has also found success flipping DC’s best champions from good guys to bad, showcasing what Firefly x Batgirl, Darkseid x Tim Drake, and Bane x Damian Wayne hybrids would look like if they ever made it into DC continuity proper.


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Marvel’s Wolverine and DC’s Batman Become Dark Claw In Deadly New Fanart

Fanart Design By @tomhoskissonart

Dark Claw unleashing his claws as he dives towards readers

A character who premiered during the epic comic book event that was 1996’s Marvel vs DC after these worlds combined to form the appropriately named Amalgam Universe, Logan Wayne, aka Dark Claw, alongside his Jubilee x Robin sidekick named Sparrow, protects New Gotham City from evil such as the Joker/Sabretooth combo of Hyena. Having all the same abilities as Wolverine, i.e. a healing factor, adamantium-grafted skeleton and claws, enhanced senses, and more, Dark Claw also gets his Batman on by utilizing any number of gadgets while flexing his mental muscles whenever he needs to crack a case.

Looking like a character poster for Dark Claw’s triumphant return to the comic space, Tom nails the terrifying and deadly look of this Wolverine x Batman hybrid with Dark Claw’s yellow and black color scheme, sharp and jagged claws, sweeping scalloped cape, and armored helmet subtly updating an already iconic design that Tom adapts to fit his unique art style perfectly. Placing Dark Claw against a blood-red background next to his stylized superhero name, Tom’s attention to detail in Dark Claw’s suit adds a layer of realism to the piece, effectively bringing this hero into the modern day.

Dark Claw slashes at Hyena as they fight and smash through a window high above the city

So while it’s unlikely that Marvel or DC will bring back their shared universe or its unique hybrid heroes anytime soon, fans can still look forward to the upcoming September release of DC Versus Marvel: The Amalgam Age — a hardcover omnibus that collects every Amalgam Comics one-shot — including Legends of the Dark Claw #1 and Dark Claw Adventures #1. Fans can’t get enough Marvel vs DC content, and thanks to Tom Hoskisson’s (@tomhoskissonart) incredible artistic skills, Dark Claw’s perfect visual mash-up of Wolverine and Batman is once again something that needs to be talked about.

Source: @tomhoskissonart

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