• The identity of Old Man Venom is revealed in the solicitation for
    #36: Dylan Brock.
  • Old Man Venom travels back in time to ensure the correct host wins the
    Venom War
    , potentially targeting Spider-Man.
  • Old Man Venom’s potential mission to kill Spider-Man is reminiscent of the Punisher’s debut in
    The Amazing Spider-Man
    #129, further hinting that he’s targetting Spider-Man.



Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Venom #36!Venom is no stranger to being the deciding factor when it comes to whether the world will meet a violent and grisly end, as he very recently saved the planet from Knull in The King In Black. However, in the upcoming Venom War event, it seems Venom himself will be the threat – at least, if the symbiote doesn’t bond to the correct host. That’s why a version of Venom from the future dubbed ‘Old Man Venom’ has traveled back in time to ensure the correct choice is made, and in doing so, will transform Marvel’s entire future.

In the official solicitation for Venom #36 by Torunn Grønbekk and CAFU released by Marvel Comics, readers are given a first-look at this upcoming issue. With this, fans get the issue’s description, a look at the cover art (done by CAFU), and the identity of ‘Old Man Venom’ himself: Dylan Brock.

Old Man Venom debuting on the cover of Venom #36 taking a shot at Spider-Man.

VENOM WAR rages on! As Eddie and Dylan Brock’s father/son war breaks out, another Dylan Brock is on a mission to make sure things go the way they’re supposed to. And he’s an older Dylan Brock. That’s right—Old Man Venom is jumping through time to guarantee the correct victor in the Venom War—starting with a jaunt that takes him right into Spider-Man’s history!

The description tells readers that an older Dylan Brock has jumped back through time to ensure the correct person wins the Venom War, which is an interesting choice of words.

So far, all fans know about the Venom War is that it will be a conflict between father and son, Eddie Brock vs Dylan Brock, over who is the one true Venom. The result of that conflict will then decide the fate of the entire planet, making it all the more imperative that the wrong host doesn’t come out on top. Could Old Man Venom be attempting to make sure his younger self wins? Or will he realize that Eddie should have been the true Venom all along?

While either option is possible, there’s also a third host in this Venom War that fans may not have accounted for, one Old Man Venom is taking a shot at on this very cover: Spider-Man.

Old Man Venom Goes Back in Time to Kill Spider-Man – Theory Explained

Enjoy these older moments of Venom trying to kill Spider-Man in Marvel Comics ahead of Old Man Venom’s potential mission from the future to do the same!

After taking a look at all the Venom War tie-in comics, one will learn that Spider-Man is a potential host for Venom alongside Eddie and Dylan Brock. In fact, Peter Parker is even shown wearing the symbiote once again on the cover of the upcoming Venom War: Spider-Man #1. In other words, Spider-Man is a contender in the Venom War, making him (at least temporarily) the enemy of both Eddie and Dylan.

Venom War: Spider-Man #1 cover featuring Black-Suit Spider-Man.

THE SPIDER-MAN IN BLACK! Eddie Brock wants the symbiote, Dylan Brock wants the symbiote… but they’re forgetting about the first host to ever wear the black… PETER PARKER! That’s right – Spider-Man is back in black again, and this time, he’s liking how it fits him! Maybe the winner of the Venom War could be the OG!

Again, readers don’t yet know exactly what will happen to the world if the wrong host ends up with Venom or why, but it seems like a safe bet that the ‘true Venom’ isn’t Spider-Man, meaning the web-slinger could inadvertently cause the end of the world. With that in mind, along with the fact that Spider-Man wears the Venom symbiote later in the Venom War, plus what fans can see on the cover of Venom #36, and it seems Old Man Venom has gone back in time to make sure Spider-Man doesn’t win the Venom War – by any means necessary.

Old Man Venom’s debut on the cover of
#36 is an homage to the Punisher’s first appearance on the cover of
The Amazing Spider-Man
#129. The Punisher was trying to kill Spider-Man in that story, adding further evidence to support the theory that Old Man Venom traveled back in time specifically to kill Spider-Man.


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Venom has had many insanely powerful forms in Marvel, but arguably none can match one in particular, which is making its return in Venomverse Reborn.

Old Man Venom May Be Here to Stay, & 1 Iconic X-Man Proves It

Cable and Kid Cable in Marvel Comics.

The idea of a soldier from the future coming back in time to ensure a better tomorrow is not a new one in Marvel canon. In fact, an entirely different character fits that description perfectly: Cable. Cable is a time-displaced warrior who decides to make the ‘present day’ his home, even though his younger self currently exists in the same time period. There are two Cables in Marvel Comics, one young, one old, and they even go on adventures together from time to time. If it can work with Cable, then perhaps the same can be applied to Dylan Brock.

If Dylan wins the Venom War with the help of himself from the future, then it’s all-too possible (because of the existence of Cable) that fans could see Venom and Old Man Venom teaming up for future adventures.

While the prospect of Old Man Venom being here to stay is admittedly a long shot, the idea that he’s here to kill Spider-Man in order to keep the web-head from winning the Venom War is far more likely. Of course, most of this is total speculation, as fans simply don’t yet have enough information. However, what is known is that Old Man Venom is about to fight in the upcoming Venom War, which may reshape Marvel’s entire future.

Venom #36 by Marvel Comics is available August 14, 2024.

Venom #36 (2021)

Old Man Venom debuting on the cover of Venom #36 taking a shot at Spider-Man.

  • Writer: Torunn Grønbekk
  • Artist: CAFU
  • Cover Artist: CAFU



Venom is the name of an alien lifeform in the Marvel Comics canon that first premiered as a formless symbiote alien in “The Amazing Spider-Man” comic series. Initially a villain, Venom continued to bond with hosts such as Spider-Man and Eddie Brock, who affected his personality and eventually evolved into an antihero known as “The Lethal Protector.”

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