• Saving Isobel at Last Light Inn in
    Baldur’s Gate 3
    avoids some major side effects.
  • Siding with Marcus in
    , however, doesn’t offer much in the way of benefits.
  • The confrontation at the Last Light Inn can be avoided, albeit with its own consequences.



The Last Light Inn is a major location of a significant story branch in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, and the path taken there can have significant effects on everything to come. Located in the dangerous Shadow-Cursed Lands, the inn is a rare refuge under the protection of the Selûnite cleric Isobel, who maintains a spell that keeps the people in the inn safe. However, that protection is only as secure as she is, and things quickly evolve to take a turn for the worse when her own safety becomes threatened.

Speaking to Isobel for the first time kickstarts a helpful conversation in which the cleric gifts the party with her blessing to help them safely cross the Shadow-Cursed Lands in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, the arrival of the Flaming Fist Marcus quickly cuts any conversation short. It quickly becomes clear that Marcus betrayed his Flaming Fist allies to defect to Ketheric Thorm’s ally, and he now seeks to take Isobel there with him. He’s happy to enlist the help of a True Soul in this matter, presenting the party with a choice to acquiesce or fight.


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You Should Save Isobel In Baldur’s Gate 3

Isobel’s Death Has Cascading Negative Effects

Saving Isobel at the Last Light Inn isn’t the easy way out of the situation, but her survival offers the more rewarding path overall. When the party refuses to help Marcus, a number of Winged Horrors fly in to attack the inn, an ambush that can easily result in the loss of lives. It isn’t a hard encounter for the party to survive, but the challenge comes in making sure Isobel stays on her feet, as slipping up in protecting her will result in Ketheric Thorm getting his way and the inn losing its protection.

Isobel’s health at launch could be incredibly difficult to manage, but patches have buffed her HP to make the task a little more manageable.

The end to the magical protection lost if Isobel is taken is the main reason why siding with Isobel is the wiser choice in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3. This takes the story down a darker path, resulting in the curse infecting the inhabitants of the inn. More importantly, it cuts off several potential sidequests and removes some major characters from the story, losing out on a solid chunk of content without offering much of an alternative of its own.


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Isobel Has An Interesting Baldur’s Gate 3 Story

Siding With Marcus Loses A Lot Of Character Moments

Shadowheart in Act 2 of Baldur's Gate 3.

Isobel has a bigger role in the Baldur’s Gate 3 story than might first appear, but her story arc will only play out in full if she is protected at Last Light Inn. Taking either avenue will still allow for certain key revelations, including the nature of her stand against Ketheric Thorm, but the party won’t get a chance to see some meaningful interactions with her that only arise if she’s protected at the inn. One important relationship between Isobel and another key NPC is fulfilling to see in action, and it can have some practical benefits of its own.

Isobel can also help some party members on their own character arcs, like advising Shadowheart as Shar’s cleric struggles with her faith. Karlach is even more affected by Isobel’s survival, as the fall of the Last Light Inn’s protection means the end of Dammon, who has a better idea of how to help her Infernal Engine problem than any other NPC. It’s possible to maintain tense relations with the Harper leader Jaheira even after Isobel’s capture, but it’s certainly not much help to that dynamic either. Party members with good intentions will also disapprove of helping Marcus out.


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Reasons To Help Marcus Instead In Baldur’s Gate 3

Siding With Marcus Makes Sense For Evil Roleplay

Winged Flaming Fist traitor Marcus in Baldur's Gate 3.

Although taking a stand with Isobel is the best choice for most Baldur’s Gate 3 campaigns, that doesn’t mean there’s no valid reason to help out Marcus instead. The biggest one is avoiding the main challenge of the combat, as not having to protect Isobel can make for a much less frustrating encounter. This will trigger a second instance of combat with all the fallen inhabitants of the inn, which can make for a significant hurdle of its own, but the lack of any specific NPC to protect keeps it focused on the party’s own skills.

Like many choices with moral consequences in Baldur’s Gate 3, siding with Marcus is also a reasonable path for anyone roleplaying an evil or ambitious character. Marcus swoops in on wings that he declares are benefits of his loyalty to Ketheric, and following his lead in defecting to the most obviously powerful figure in the region could play well with a number of character motivations. This isn’t a particularly natural choice for a Dark Urge playthrough, as handing her over to Marcus is more in the vein of wicked scheming than murderous impulses, but it fits any devious protagonist well.

From a standpoint of actual mechanical value, however, there isn’t as much to be gained from pleasing Ketheric as it might seem. The narrative mechanics of Act 2 ultimately lead to the same place with Ketheric regardless of how the party wishes to deal with him, and it isn’t one that offers rewards for having gained his favor. Although there’s some value in seeing different ways to interact with Ketheric, getting on his good side doesn’t skip any key challenges.


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Other Ways To Deal With Last Light Inn In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Dark Urge Might Want To Do Things Very Differently

A reptilian player character in Baldur's Gate 3, representing the Dark Urge Origin character.

Although the key cutscene interaction will force a choice between standing with Isobel or letting Marcus take her away, these aren’t the only possible options on the table. It’s possible to never speak to Isobel whatsoever before entering Moonrise Towers and confronting Ketheric Thorm, which will avoid the entire event. This is the easiest way to dodge the situation, although it does miss out on a chunk of story content.

The biggest challenge that comes from avoiding an interaction with Isobel is the fact that she grants the party a Moon Lantern, which makes it much easier to navigate the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Another can be acquired by joining the Harpers on a venture that clashes with some enemies who have a Moon Lantern, however, so this isn’t a hard roadblock of any sort. It’s also possible to make it to Moonrise without having a Moon Lantern at all, although this is definitely a brute force option that ends up limiting exploration.

It’s also possible to kill Isobel as the Dark Urge, which is interestingly the only evil option that grants any direct benefits. After the fall of the Last Light Inn, the Dark Urge can gain a new Shapeshifter Form known as the Slayer. This comes with some strong attacks and self-healing and buffing options, so turning against the obvious perks of siding with Isobel definitely makes the most sense in a Dark Urge playthrough. The form can also be acquired by killing the Dark Urge’s romantic interest at a later point, although that isn’t necessarily a more appealing option.


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Ultimately, protecting Isobel is the best choice for anyone looking to experience as much of the Baldur’s Gate 3 story as possible. Other options are fundamentally inferior in this aspect, although they can make it possible to dodge a potentially tricky encounter instead. Siding with Marcus might seem tempting to gain Ketheric Thorm’s favor in Baldur’s Gate 3, but Isobel and the other residents of the Last Light Inn simply have more to offer.

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