Sanya Malhotra’s upcoming release, Mrs, has been making waves across the festival circuit. It has emerged as a frontrunner for its poignant exploration of domestic life and gender dynamics.

This Hindi adaptation of the critically acclaimed Malayalam film, The Great Indian Kitchen (2021), helmed by director Arati Kadav, is slated to be the closing feature at the prestigious New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF) 2024.

Director Arati Kadav On Mrs Being Chosen For NYIFF 2024

Expressing her elation at the film’s inclusion, Kadav conveyed her sentiments to Mid-day. She said, “I eagerly anticipate the films showcased at the NYIFF every year. Hence, it’s a privilege that our film has been selected as the closing feature. Through this project, we aim to resonate not only with Indian audiences within the country but also abroad, and this platform provides us with a unique opportunity to connect with the diaspora.”

About Sanya Malhotra Starrer Mrs

Dubbed as “exotically delicious,” Mrs intricately weaves the narrative around the backdrop of Indian culinary artistry to delve into the societal constructs that confine women.

The storyline revolves around Richa, a young dance instructor, who falls for the charms of Diwakar, a wealthy doctor. However, their idyllic romance soon unravels as Richa finds herself ensnared in a loveless marriage, burdened with the expectations of domestic servitude. Employing culinary allegories, the synopsis portrays Richa’s plight as “an overcooked and insipid happily ever after tainted with misogyny, arrogance, and obstinacy.”

Yet, amidst adversity, Richa remains resolute, finding solace and defiance in the kitchen, symbolising her refusal to succumb to male dominance.

Watch Mrs Teaser:

The ensemble cast of Mrs boasts a talented lineup. Sanya Malhotra shines in the lead role of Richa, while Nishant Dahiya breathes life into the character of Diwakar, the authoritative spouse. Adding depth to the narrative is Kanwaljit Singh, whose role remains shrouded in mystery.

Mrs is brought to life through the collaborative efforts of producers Jyoti Deshpande, Pammi Baweja, and Harman Baweja.

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