• Dr. Lee Byeong-chan creates the Jonas Virus, leading to the zombie apocalypse in Hyosan.
  • Hambies are introduced as a unique type of zombie in All of Us Are Dead, retaining consciousness but craving brains.
  • The military bombards Hyosan to contain the virus, with the remaining characters currently living in the quarantine zone.



More than two years after the release of All of Us Are Dead season 1, some scenes have become even more important in hindsight ahead of the upcoming season 2. All of Us Are Dead season 2’s release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the zombie K-drama was renewed for a second season shortly after the premiere of the first one. With no trailers released so far, All of Us Are Dead season 2’s theories have to rely only on what the first season set up as well as the clues offered by the webtoon.

All of Us Are Dead season 1’s ending matched the end of the webtoon, though, suggesting the new season will be mostly an original story. One of the biggest Netflix original K-dramas, All of Us Are Dead debuted with 12 episodes that covered the first hours of the zombie apocalypse in Hyosan. By the end of season 1, beloved characters had died, new types of zombies had been introduced, and most of the city had been destroyed.

8 Dr. Lee Byeong-chan Creates The Jonas Virus

The beginning of it all

All of Us Are Dead starts with Lee Jin-su being beaten up by a group of bullies, only for him to start transforming into something feral and indestructible. The show later establishes that Lee Jin-su was “patient zero” of his father’s experiment, the Jonas virus. Dr. Lee Byeong-chan, who knew what his son was going through at school, wanted to create something that would turn fear and anger into strength. Dr. Lee believed that those being oppressed and bullied had to fight back, but his twisted experiment got out of control.

All of Us Are Dead cast



Park Ji-hu

Nam On-jo

Yoon Chan-young

Lee Cheong-san

Cho Yi-hyun

Choi Nam-ra


Lee Su-hyeok

Yoo In-soo

Yoon Gwi-nam

Lee Yoo-mi

Lee Na-yeon

Min Eun-ji

Oh Hye-soo

Kim Byung-chul

Lee Byeong-chan

Lee Kyu-hyung

Song Jae-ik

Jeon Bae-soo

Nam So-ju

The Jonas virus was far more unstable than Dr. Lee anticipated, which is why he had to kill his son before the virus could spread. However, Dr. Lee’s experiments did not stop. He continued to work on the Jonas virus and even took some of the rat test subjects to the school’s lab. Kyung-mi, who was bitten by one of the rats, became the de facto patient zero of the zombie apocalypse in Hyosan. Dr. Lee Byeong-chan was bitten when zombies invaded the police station, yet the All of Us Are Dead villain seemed strangely proud of what he accomplished.

7 All Of Us Are Dead Introduces Hambies

All of Us Are Dead’s special type of zombie

The first season of All of Us Are Dead introduced the concept of hambies, or halfbies, which are “asymptomatic zombies” who have been infected with the Jonas virus but did not fully transform into undead creatures. Hambies crave the human brain as much as regular zombies do, but they retain their consciousness and agency. All of Us Are Dead’s hambies were arguably the best thing about the show, as it set it apart from other zombie movies and series. The first example of it on the show was Gwi-nam, who “died” fighting Cheong-san and emerged as a hambie.

All of Us Are Dead is based on the webtoon Now In Our School.

The second hambie introduced in All of Us Are Dead was Eun-ji, who was attacked by a horde of zombies but managed to survive out of sheer will. Eun-ji’s hambie powers enhanced her rage and made her crave vengeance even more than she already did. Another important hambie in All of Us Are Dead is Nam-ra, who was bitten by Gwi-nam and started to transform in front of her friends. It took some convincing for Nam-ra not to be abandoned by the rest of the group, but Su-hyeok stood up for her.

6 The Military Bombards Hyosan

The school (and the city) have been destroyed

All of Us Are Dead’s zombie apocalypse happened in the fictional city of Hyosan. While the outbreak began at Hyosan High, it quickly spread to the entire city. The government’s number one priority was to limit the outbreak to Hyosan and prevent it from becoming a global zombie pandemic. However, with more and more people turning into zombies in Hyosan, the military made the controversial decision to bombard an entire area of the city so that the virus would stop spreading.


8 Things All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Must Include After Years Of Waiting

All of Us Are Dead, one of Netflix’s most popular K-dramas, has yet to release a new season more than two years after the show’s debut.

Although zombies had completely taken over a significant portion of Hyosan, there were still a lot of innocent people left to be rescued and moved to safety zones. Commander Jin made the call of bombarding the city, including Hyosan High, a decision that would lead him to commit suicide. It is unclear whether the military’s plan worked, or if the virus somehow spread to other countries. Either way, All of Us Are Dead’s Hyosan is now a ghost town.

5 The Kids Have To Save Themselves In All Of Us Are Dead

No one came to the rescue

One of the main themes of All of Us Are Dead was how the students had to save themselves after realizing help was never going to arrive. Even though the authorities knew that there were still survivors in Hyosan High, the students were left to die. A rescue team was sent to the school, but after the government learned about the existence of asymptomatic zombies, the mission was canceled. The All of Us Are Dead students were now on their own and had to find a way of leaving the school.

The surviving students eventually managed to leave the school, but not without some major losses. Several All of Us Are Dead characters were killed before they could even leave the campus, including but not limited to Joon-yeong, Na-yeon, Gyeong-su, and Jun-seong. Cheong-san’s mother also died near the school while trying to find her son. Likewise, On-jo’s father, So-ju, sacrificed himself so that his daughter and her friends could escape.

4 Cheong-san Dies Fighting Gwi-nam

Cheong-san stopped Gwi-nam once and for all

Perhaps the most shocking moment of All of Us Are Dead was the death of Cheong-san, who sacrificed himself to stop Gwi-nam as the rest of the group tried to escape. The show had established a rivalry between Cheong-san and Gwi-nam since the start, with the latter becoming a hambie after their first fight. Gwi-nam spent most of the series trying to get revenge on Cheong-san, setting up their ultimate confrontation at the end of the season. Gwi-nam ambushed the group on a rooftop, leaving Cheong-san no choice but to stay and fight.

Cheong-san’s fate was sealed once Gwi-nam bitted his arm. Believing he would soon turn into a zombie, Cheong-san thought he had nothing else to lose. Now that he had already confessed his feelings to On-jo and was about to die, Cheong-san faced Gwi-nam with no fear at all. Right as Hyosan was about to be bombarded, Cheong-san wrapped his arms around Gwi-nam and jumped, hoping to finally put an end to it all. Although Cheong-san’s body was never shown, the name tag given to him by On-jo was shown to be covered in ashes.

3 All Of Us Are Dead’s Characters Make Into The Quarantine Zone

Most of the remaining characters are in the same location now

The surviving All of Us Are Dead characters made it into the quarantine zone, which was far from being a happy moment. After losing so many friends and family along the way, there was a feeling of hopelessness when the group finally made it into the quarantine camp set up by the military. The kids were also angry at the soldiers for letting them die at the school. In addition to On-jo, Su-hyeok, and the rest of the group, the two police detectives and the baby were also in the quarantine camp.

All of Us Are Dead’s finale included a four-month time jump, after which everyone was allowed to leave their rooms and walk freely in the quarantine zone. No one was allowed to leave the quarantine zone, which did not stop On-jo and the others from escaping to meet Nam-ra after noticing someone had lit a fire on the school’s rooftop. The kids remembered Nam-ra’s promise of reuniting with them around a fire someday. Nam-ra had previously left the group after she almost killed On-jo when transforming into a zombie.

2 Eun-ji Is Nowhere To Be Seen In All Of Us Are Dead’s Finale

What happened to Eun-ji after all?

An important detail from All of Us Are Dead is that Eun-ji’s holding cell from the quarantine camp was empty at the end of season 1. This means that either the military killed Eun-ji, or she was sent to another facility for more tests. Eun-ji had been arrested and turned into a test subject for experiments after she attacked Cheol-soo, even though she had no symptoms of being a zombie. Thanks to Eun-ji, the military learned of the existence of asymptomatic zombies, which changed their plans completely.


10 Ways All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Can Be Better Than Season 1

All of Us Are Dead remains one of Netflix’s most popular K-dramas more than two years later, setting the bar high for the upcoming season 2.

Considering how much time All of Us Are Dead season 1 spent with Eun-ji, it is curious that her fate was left ambiguous. Although Eun-ji could have been killed off-screen, it would make more sense for the show to be setting up her return in season 2. Another option is that Eun-ji escaped from her cell and is now hiding in the quarantine zone, which would be the perfect way of kicking off the events of season 2. The safety and peacefulness of the quarantine camp cannot last too long after all.

1 Nam-ra Returns (& She Has New Friends)

Nam-ra has found other hambies

All of Us Are Dead season 1’s final scene is the show’s biggest setup for season 2. After leaving the group following yet another moment in which she lost control of her powers, Nam-ra reunited with her friends four months later. Fortunately, she now seemed much happier and more confident about her powers than before. Nam-ra learned how to control her zombie transformation and no longer had the red mark around her left eye.

Nam-ra also revealed she was not the only hambie left in Hyosan. It seems that Nam-ra spent those four months living with other hambies in the wreckages of Hyosan and helped protect them while they helped her control her powers. Curiously, this is different from what happens to Nam-ra at the end of the webtoon All of Us Are Dead is based on. Rather than being the key to a cure, Nam-ra wants to protect the hambies, which could be an important storyline in All of Us Are Dead season 2.

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