CBS fan-favorite comedy series, Young Sheldon is coming to an end after seven seasons, with the series having just a handful of episodes left before we call curtains. But as one door closes another opens with the announcement of another spin-off that further expands The Big Bang Theory universe — the addition of a Georgie and Mandy series set to arrive in the 2024/2025 television season. In anticipation of the series’ arrival, Emily Osment who stars as Mandy McAllister has teased the evolution her character will undergo when the new series finally premieres.

Speaking to People in an interview, Osment revealed she was excited about the upcoming series which will offer the chance to step back into the role of mother to baby Cece alongside her onscreen husband, Georgie (Montana Jordan). Now, Osment reveals that she intends to explore Mandy beyond the boundaries set in Young Sheldon using the couple’s marriage scene as a reference point. “It’s hinted in the marriage episode that [Mandy] wants to go back to school, that she maybe wants to have a career, that she doesn’t want to just be a stay-at-home mom, which is how I feel,” she explains. “I think that’s such a tremendous thing for mothers to also be working, and I can’t wait to see what they do with that.”

Georgie and Mandy’s initial meeting came after her career as a weather girl hit turbulent waters in Houston. It is a part of the character that might be revisited. “[Mandy] was a weather girl,” Osment continues. “I don’t know if she’ll go back there, but I’m excited to see what career she takes.” Details regarding the spin-off have been scarce, however, CBS had revealed in its initial announcement of the series it will revolve around Mandy and George raising their family in Texas “while navigating the challenges of adulthood, parenting, and marriage.” There are a few episodes left before Young Sheldon wraps its run, but it would seem plans are already turning to the future. “I know they’re currently writing it, and we’re supposed to start [filming] this summer,” the actress explains, adding, “But we don’t have a title yet.”

The ‘Young Sheldon’ Spin-Off Sets New Path For a New Adventure

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While the Georgie and Mandy spin-off might not yet have a title, there are other aspects of the show that have already been nailed down. Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro, and Steve Holland will return to produce after working on The Big Bang Theory and YoungSheldon, in what will be a half-hour, multi-camera comedy. While Young Sheldon had employed single-camera filming, the multi-camera system is something Jordan admits he’d never “never done before”, while his co-star seems excited by the prospect. “There’s something different about actually performing in front of people who are there to actually watch you perform,” Osment had previously explained.

The final episode of Young Sheldon airs on May 16. Past seasons are streaming now on Paramount+ in the U.S.

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