Hannah Waddingham has been enjoying quite the moment in Hollywood of late, thanks in large part to her award-winning portrayal of Rebecca Welton in Apple TV’s smash hit series Ted Lasso

While some folks might only know her from that show, which saw her collect the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in 2021, they might be surprised to learn the sheer volume of starry projects Waddingham has been involved in, from Game of Thrones (she plays the infamous “shame!”-yelling character Septa Unella) and Sex Education to Les Misérables and KrapopolisSo illustrious is Waddingham’s career that she was recently the subject of a Career Retrospective forum, hosted by SAG-AFTRA in New York City on April 1. The forum saw Waddingham discuss her decades-long career, with mentions of her roles in upcoming projects like The Fall Guy, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two, and an unnamed TV series co-starring Octavia Spencer

By now, we’ve come to expect the actress to deliver head-turning red carpet looks, but her outfit for the retrospective might just take the cake. Designed by Self-Portrait, Waddingham sported a bright red blazer and matching pencil skirt, with gold embellishments and shiny high-heels.

Hannah Waddingham in a red dress sitting on stage at her 2024 career retrospective
Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

As always, Waddingham’s look was the picture of Hollywood grace, bringing an old-school feel with its feminine details and the actress’ ever-glamorous bob cut. While Waddingham’s style icon status has seen her evoke everything from mermaids (like at this year’s Emmys) to Gothic princesses (see, the 2024 Golden Globes), this Self-Portrait look has us considering a different role for the actress — one that’ll have us screaming “off with your head!”

Hannah Waddingham in a red dress against a pink backdrop at her 2024 career retrospective
Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

That’s right, we’re pitching Hannah Waddingham as the perfect (and perhaps only) choice to portray the Queen of Hearts should Disney decide to add a third film to its live-action Alice In Wonderland franchise. Waddingham’s regal aura is enough for her to inhabit the role with finesse, but seeing her don a bright red number befitting of Wonderland royalty all but confirms that she should be atop the casting call.     

It’s worth noting that there are no plans for a follow-up to 2016’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, and while the case could be made that there shouldn’t even be a threequel, seeing Waddingham channel the infamous villain might just warrant another helping of Wonderland misadventures. 

Hannah Waddingham in a red dress on stage looking out at the audience at her 2024 career retrospective
Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Granted, Helena Bonham Carter did an amazing job of the Queen of Hearts in the first two films, especially opposite Anne Hathaway’s White Queen, but if anyone else can fill those royal shoes, it’s Waddingham.

For now, the actress’ roles in The Fall Guy and Garfield might just have to suffice, but here’s hoping Lewis Carroll posthumously pens another Alice In Wonderland book with Waddingham at the center.

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