• Tammy Slaton has lost over 400 pounds through diet, exercise, and surgery.
  • Tammy and her family members, including Amy, Chris, and Amanda, have embarked on weight-loss journeys.
  • Tammy’s fans show support through gifts like tumblers and apparel, keeping her motivated.



Everybody loves a good social media unboxing video, and 1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is no exception. Tammy has always had a unique relationship with her fans. They root for her and are inspired by her incredible weight-loss journey. Tammy has a bold, opinionated personality, and her quick wit and smart mouth endlessly amuse fans. They’re also impressed by her ability to do difficult things, like lose weight.

When 1000-lb Sisters premiered in 2020, Tammy weighed 725 pounds and was held back by her limited mobility. After suffering a health scare that landed her in a medically induced coma, Tammy decided to change her life. With diet, exercise, and bariatric surgery, Tammy has lost 420 pounds and intends to lose more. 1000-lb Sisters fans show their support and encouragement in many ways. Reminiscent of the ZZ Top song, “Gimme All Your Lovin,'” Tammy’s fans are always sending Tammy gifts that she loves opening.


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Tumblers For The Whole Slaton Family

“Gimme All Your Lovin’. All Your Hugs And Kisses Too.”

It’s important to stay hydrated, so a thoughtful 1000-lb Sisters fan sent Tammy a box of personalized beverage tumblers for the entire Slaton clan. Each family member got a different tumbler, and Tammy’s featured sunflowers and butterflies. Wearing a cute red Disney graphic tee shirt that features Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Tammy unboxed the tumblers and was very grateful to the TikTok user for gifting them to her.

Tammy isn’t the only Slaton family member who has lost weight over the years. Her sister and fellow 1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton has lost 125 pounds since the series premiered. Not to be left out, some of Tammy’s other siblings have gotten in on the weight-loss action. Her half-sister, Amanda Halterman, has lost over 300 pounds, while her half-brother, Chris Combs, has lost over 150 pounds.

Tammy Slaton

Lost 400+ pounds

Diet, exercise, weight loss surgery

Amy Slaton

Lost 125+ pounds

Diet, exercise, weight loss surgery

Chris Combs

Lost 150+ pounds

Diet, exercise, weight loss surgery

Amanda Halterman

Lost 300+ pounds

Weight loss surgery

Misty Slaton


Wants weight-loss surgery

Tammy In Lilo & Stitch Loves Scented Candles

Angel Jewelry And Another Tumbler

In March, Tammy posted an unboxing video to TikTok in which she’s wearing a Lilo & Stitch shirt while unboxing packages from various people. The 1000-lb Sisters season 5 star unboxed angel-themed jewelry, a personally engraved rainbow tumbler, and some beautiful scented candles. She refers to the person who sent the tumbler, Steven Summers, as her best friend from school, so it was a gift from a friend.

That wasn’t the only time Tammy signaled her deep appreciation for Disney’s Lilo & Stitch.

In February, Tammy posted a photo of herself on a loop on TikTok with the song “Midnight Lovin’ Special” by OOYAH. In the heavily filtered selfie, Tammy shows off her dramatically slimmed-down figure in a fun Lilo & Stitch graphic tee shirt. Fans took to the comment section to offer their approval.

Keep up the good work girl
,” wrote one TikTok user, while another wrote, ”
you look AMAZING!!!!!!

Tammy Rocking Hello Kitty Set

Thrift Store Mystery Box

1000-Lb Sisters Tammy Slaton hello kitty montage tammy pointing finger with hello kitty cartoon characters
Custom Image by Cesar Garcia

Two-piece sets are a hot trend, and Tammy is getting in on the action. In March, Tammy posted a TikTok unboxing while wearing a matching Hello Kitty top and pant set she got at Walmart. The 1000-lb Sisters star unboxes a thrift store mystery box with several fun items, including a tiny bed for her “haunted dolls” and a plush Yoda backpack. Knowing Tammy’s enduring love for Lilo & Stitch, the sender kindly included an adorable Stitch tee shirt for Tammy to add to her impressive collection of Disney graphic tees.

Can you tell us, pls, how did you find all this motivation to keep going with the losing weight?

1000-lb Sisters fans took to the TikTik comment section to give Tammy even more love. “Tammy you look amazing babe. Iā€™m so happy for you,” wrote one TikTok user, while another concurred, “You are a beautiful soul with such a sweet voice.” One of Tammy’s supporters asked, “Can you tell us, pls, how did you find all this motivation to keep going with the losing weight?” Tammy never responds directly to social media comments, but her motivation seems to be her desire to live a fuller life.

Tammy Is Spring Ready In Floral Print

“Friend Hugs”

Tammy Slaton sunshine montage 1000 lb sisters tammy with sunflower shirt and the suns rays
Custom Image by Cesar Garcia

Tammy signaled that she was ready for spring by wearing a fun floral print during a March TikTok unboxing video. She started by unboxing a cute bracelet that came with a nice note, to which Tammy commented by sending “Friend hugs.” The slimmed-down 1000-lb Sisters star wasn’t done yet, as she went on to unbox a cute Nightmare Before Christmas graphic tee shirt.

The sender clearly knows Tammy well, because they included a tee shirt that featured butterflies and sunflowers, which are some of Tammy’s favorite things.

Tammy In Bold Polka Dots

So Many Scented Candles

While wearing a bold red and black top with white polka dots, Tammy unboxed several gift packages during a March TikTok video. She opens her first package to reveal a hooded sweatshirt with wing graphics on the back. Since 1000-lb Sisters premiered, Tammy has dropped several sizes, going from size 8XL to size 2XL. Since losing weight, she has confidence and enjoys experimenting with new styles.

Later in the 10-minute TikTok video, Tammy also unboxed a trove of scented candles. Tammy has unboxed so many scented candles over the years, she has likely amassed a sizable collection. The final gift that Tammy unpacked was a very advanced air freshener system that Tammy couldn’t figure out at first. As usual, Tammy linked to the small businesses who sent her these generous gifts.

1000-lb Sisters

seasons 1-5 are currently streaming on Discovery+.

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1000-lb Sisters follows sisters Amy Salton-Halterman and Tammy Slaton in their home in Dixon, Kentucky, covering their daily lives, weight loss attempts, and subsequent weight loss surgery. The show covers such moments as attempts to have children, medical visits, and dramatic emergency room visitations. The family wrestles with supporting their daughters and their weight loss efforts while struggling with their own life troubles.

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