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  • Creator Seth MacFarlane confirms he still wants to make a
    Family Guy
  • MacFarlane has had the idea for the
    Family Guy
    movie for over a decade.
  • Family Guy
    will return for Season 23 later this year, and you can catch up with previous seasons on Hulu.

After 25 years on television, Peter Griffin’s big-screen debut received an exciting update from the series creator. While speaking at PaleyFest in celebration of the show’s 25th anniversary, which was later reported by TheWrap, Seth MacFarlane revealed that a Family Guy movie is still coming and that he’s been sitting on an idea for quite some time:

“I have known what that movie will be for the past 15 years and I just haven’t had the time to get to it, but I do know what it will be.”

MacFarlane also shared that Family Guy is producing two original episodes for Hulu, which will be based on Halloween and Christmas. To top off the event, MacFarlane, who voices Peter, Stewie, and Brian Griffin, as well as a myriad of other characters in the show, did a live table read of an upcoming episode titled “The Edible Arrangement” with Alex Borstein (Lois), Mila Kunis (Meg), Seth Green (Chris), and more. The new episode reportedly centers around Lois and Stewie after eating several of Brian’s edibles and also features the first time Lois has ever heard Stewie talk. MacFarlane and Borstein also performed the Family Guy theme song to kick off the festivities.

How Many Seasons of ‘Family Guy’ Are There?

After premiering in 1999, MacFarlane’s Family Guy has amassed 22 seasons, with at least one more confirmed to be on the way. There have been some dark episodes of Family Guy over the years, as well as some hilarious Christmas episodes and spoofs on other properties such as Star Wars, The Great Gatsby, Game of Thrones, Willy Wonka, Kill Bill, and many more. Most recently, in the Family Guy Season 22 finale, Brian uses Stewie’s time travel device to cancel Christianity after falling in love with a religious woman who won’t sleep with him.

It’s unclear at this time just how many seasons of Family Guy will get under its belt before the show finally calls it quits. But, if MacFarlane has been sitting on the idea for a feature film for 15 years with no official announcement, it’s possible that a full-length movie could be his idea for a series finale. For a show that’s been on the air for so long, one final appearance in a movie theater instead of a television screen would be a fitting send-off for the famous Griffin family.

The Family Guy Season 22 finale aired on April 17, and Season 23 is expected to release sometime in late 2024. New episodes of Family Guy are available to stream on Hulu the following morning after their premiere on Fox.

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Family Guy

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January 31, 1999

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