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Last year came the news that filmmaker Ridley Scott was working on a director’s cut of his historical epic “Napoleon,” one that would clock in at around four-and-a-half hours.

Scott would then say this longer version would be made available after the film’s November release, dubbing it “fantastic” with this version filling out more of Vanessa Kirby’s performance as Josephine and showing off more of her life before she meets Napoleon.

The news brought up obvious comparisons to Scott’s 2005 film “Kingdom of Heaven” which saw a mixed response to its 2.5-hour theatrical cut and universal praise for its director’s cut which clocked in an hour longer.

Well “Napoleon” was released theatrically in November to mixed reviews and $221 million at the box-office. It received three Oscar nominations and no wins. It hit digital January 9th and has been available via Apple TV+ since March 1st.

So when is the director’s cut coming? World of Reel reports that having asked around about it, their sources indicate it will “not be made available any time soon” and Apple currently has “no plans” to release it.

The film’s writer David Scarpa has previously indicated his preference for the theatrical version after having seen “what’s in the longer version”.

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