• Mike finally introduced his new girlfriend Sara Rose on camera after deciding to divorce Natalie Mordovtseva.
  • Mike opened up about his serious relationship with Sara, revealing they have been together since December 2022.
  • Despite not thinking about marriage yet, Mike sees a long, loving road ahead with Sara and even considers having children together.



90 Day: The Single Life star Mike Youngquist has finally opened up about his new girlfriend Sara Rose on camera after deciding to divorce Natalie Mordovtseva. Mike and Natalie met when their mutual friends asked them to be godparents to their baby daughter. Mike thought Natalie the model and actress was out of his league, but he took a chance and met her in Ukraine, after which he proposed to her in Paris. Natalie had two failed marriages behind her while she begged Mike to give her a child. Shockingly, Natalie had openly admitted that she didn’t love Mike.

Mike was also a divorcee. He was married to a woman named Kristen in 2015 and divorced in 2016. Mike didn’t think he was financially ready to give Natalie a baby. She also threw away her engagement ring after a fight with Mike but decided to come to the U.S. anyway when her K-1 visa was approved, Mike should have broken up with Natalie at that very point, but they stayed married for years after their April 2020 wedding, even though Natalie had already left Mike in December 2020. Now, Mike is finally getting a divorce from Natalie to be with Sara.


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How Long Has Mike Known His Girlfriend Sara For?

Mike & His Girlfriend Sara’s Relationship Timeline

Mike took the longest time to reveal he was already in a new relationship. He wanted to hear Natalie cry and admit that she was the “problem” due to which her relationship with Josh and him had failed. Natalie was in the same situation in season 3 where she was deciding whether to go back to Mike or continue dating Josh while he refused to acknowledge he was her “boyfriend.” When Shaun Robinson turned to Mike and asked if he had moved on and was in a new relationship, he said, “I am.”

“We’ve been talking for a year and dating for six months.”

Mike Came To The Tell All To Divorce Natalie

Mike Brought Divorce Papers To The Single Life Reunion

Mike told Shaun and his fellow cast members more details about his romance, which revealed how serious he was about Sara. Shaun wanted to know if the person he was dating was someone who was “very serious.” Mike said, “Yes.” He revealed that he had been seeing his girlfriend for a good year. Mike said he had been together with his girlfriend since last December. Considering the Tell All was reportedly filmed sometime in February 2024, Mike seems to have been together with Sara since December 2022 and only started posting about her on Instagram in June 2023.

“She’s great.”

Mike admitted that he absolutely loved and adored his girlfriend. He explained that she cared about him and wanted to be with him for who he was and he felt really appreciated and loved by Sara. Meanwhile, Mike also confirmed that he started the divorce process since he was still married to Natalie. Mike got Debbie Johnson to serve Natalie the papers. “You came to divorce me?” Natalie asked Mike with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes. Mike gave the papers to Debbie because he wanted someone to serve Natalie.

Did Sara Force Mike To Divorce Natalie?

Will Mike Cut All Contacts With Natalie After Divorcing Her?

Mike said he got the papers readied two weeks before they filmed the Tell All. Natalie didn’t want a divorce, but Natalie accepted the “choice” that Mike made. Shaun wanted to know if this had anything to do with his new relationship. He admitted that it does. Mike spoke about how he couldn’t move on and start a relationship with someone else unless he was divorced. He suggested Sara had said something about him still being married and asked him how she could take him seriously if he hadn’t moved on.


90 Day Fiancé: Clues Natalie Got Back Together With Mike After Divorce News

90 Day: The Single Life star Natalie Mordovtseva is sparking reconciliation rumors with Mike Youngquist after revealing her new last name.

Will Mike Get Married To Sara Now?

Is A 2024 Wedding On The Cards For Mike & Girlfriend Sara?

Mike Youngquist Girlfriend Sara in 90 Day Fiance taking a golden hour selfie in a car

Shaun asked Mike if he was at the point in the new relationship where he was thinking about marriage.

“No, it’s too early to think about marriage.”

However, Mike said they were going to move in. Mike and Sara were taking their time for now and Sara didn’t seem to have a problem with it. Mike was not ready for marriage yet, but he accepted he was moving in that direction. He saw a very long and loving road ahead with Sara. Mike had also thought about having children down the road with the woman. Mike is never coming back to 90 Day: The Single Life star Natalie now.

90 Day: The Single Life

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90 Day Fiance The Single Life Poster

90 Day: The Single Life

90 Day: The Single Life is one of TLC’s many spinoffs of 90 Day Fiancé. In this companion show, singles are pulled back into the dating world after their previous relationships ended in disaster. The Single Life follows couples as they start relationships with new people but struggle to move on from past romantic partners completely.

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