Rebecca Wisocky of Ghosts talks about the big reveal of her character’s long-ago death and other recent shocking revelations on the show.

“‘This is something that our show does really well, balancing that zany screwball comedy with much more sophisticated jabs at the human condition… I think the audience probably assumed that she died of an overdose, as she’s so incredibly fond of cocaine,’ Wisocky says. ‘I was happy that they didn’t make that choice, so we get to preserve the horrible evil delight of her being a drug fiend.’”

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Elza González is among the cast of The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, which presents Guy Ritchie’s signature spin on WWII history.

“González plays Marjorie Stewart, an actress, singer, and model who also dabbled in espionage during World War II. In real life, Stewart lived on the margins of history, playing pivotal roles in operations that remain classified to this day. The version of Stewart that González plays in Ministry could have easily followed suit — but Guy Ritchie had other plans.”

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