WizKids has revealed a life-sized foam statue of the Baby Goblin from Pathfinder. The Pathfinder Replica: Baby Goblin Life-Sized Figure is hand-stitched, hand-painted, and made of soft foam.

The baby goblin sits 8 inches tall and you can sit there and stare into the goblin’s adorable red eyes for hours if you want! It also comes complete with a skull rattler.

The Pathfinder Replica: Baby Goblin Life-Sized Figure will go on sale in November 2024, and it can be yours for $129.99 and can be pre-ordered on WizKids’ website

Goblins started as one of Pathfinder’s seminal villains, “with the first Adventure Path ever written focused on bloodthirsty goblins and their chaotic yet deviously clever attacks on a human settlement.

“While the goblins were intended to be iconic Pathfinder monsters, fans grew to love their antics and Paizo leaned into the monsters, turning them into one of the mascots of their brand.

“After releasing several goblin-themed adventures (where all the players created goblin characters) and a book detailing the culture of goblins, Pathfinder made goblins a playable race in the Core Rulebook for Pathfinder Second Edition and made a goblin character, Fumbus, the iconic character for the alchemist class.“

WizKids has previously released two other figures in its Life-Sized Baby line – an Owlbear and a Red Dragon, both of which were pulled from Dungeons & Dragons. WizKids has also released life-sized adult goblins, along with several life-sized kobold figures inspired by their depiction in Pathfinder books. 

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