IntelBroker Claims Space-Eyes Breach, Targeting US National Security Data
Space-Eyes website

The notorious hacker operating under the alias “IntelBroker” claims to have breached the cyber infrastructure of Space-Eyes, a Miami-based geospatial intelligence firm. In a message posted on Breach Forums, IntelBroker boasted a swift intrusion, taking only “around 10-15 minutes” to access sensitive data.

According to Space-Eyes’ website, it caters exclusively to government agencies and organizations, including the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, various branches of the US Armed Forces, and crucial intelligence bodies like the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). The alleged breach, if true, will have significant repercussions for US national security.

As per IntelBroker’s claims, the stolen data comprises “highly confidential documents about Space-Eyes’ services for national security within the US government.” The depth and character of the data are exceedingly sensitive, containing confidential discussions, correspondences, and profiles concerning the national security of the United States, along with individuals and ships denied entry into the United States or are sectioned under US law.

IntelBroker Claims Space-Eyes Breach, Targeting US National Security Data
IntelBroker announcing their hack on Breach Forums (Screenshot credit:

Detailed on Sectioned Cyber Crime and APT Groups’s analysis also uncovers that certain leaked files are already in the public domain, such as those found on the US Treasury website. These files include a roster of sanctioned or blacklisted cybercrime groups, among them the North Korean government-backed Lazarus Group and APT-C-26, as well as individual hackers like Bassterlord and INVESTORLIFE1.

Additionally, the data includes records of discussions concerning figures linked to terrorism, details that refrains from disclosing due to privacy and security concerns. It’s noteworthy to mention that the personal data within the leaked records belongs to individuals worldwide. Below is the comprehensive breakdown of the data:

  • Full names
  • Phone numbers
  • Company names
  • Job descriptions
  • Email addresses (26,493)
  • Some Password Hashes
  • Complete location data including coordinates and addresses (Country, State, postcode, etc).
IntelBroker Claims Space-Eyes Breach, Targeting US National Security Data
On the left is the public data from the US Treasury website included in the leak – On the left is a list of email addresses leaked in the alleged data breach (Screenshot credit:

This breach mirrors IntelBroker’s recent previous data breach, during which the hacker obtained sensitive documents and data from Acuity Inc., a US Federal contractor headquartered in Reston, Virginia.

Initially, Acuity and the US government dismissed the data breach. However, when the hacker released additional data, alleging it belonged to “The Five Eyes,” both parties acknowledged the breach.

Space-Eyes Yet to Respond – Hacker Claims They Still Have the Access!

Space-Eyes has not yet released an official statement regarding the alleged breach. However, CISA has been notified about the alleged breach. Should either authority respond, we will provide updates to this article.

On the other hand, IntelBroker told that Space-Eyes was an easy target and they breached the company directly without involving any third party. Nevertheless, this is a developing story, expect an update soon!

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