Every great artist uses their personal experience to fuel their creativity. The same is true of Taylor Swift, who released a new album filled with clever songs, including “imgonnagetyouback.”

What makes “imgonnagetyouback” stand apart from the other songs of The Tortured Poets Department is how it talks specifically about the pain and confusion that comes with a breakup. We have all gone through the pain of a relationship falling apart, so it’s easy to relate to the song’s chaotic view on ending one. Even when everything goes well, and you are sure the change is for the best, it’s hard not to miss the people we used to share our lives with.

“imgonnagetyouback” tells the story of a woman who crosses paths with a former lover and decides to seduce him again. However, it is not like she’s desperate to have him back. Instead, making her ex confess his desire to get back together is a power move that will prove “that you were never not mine (You’re mine).” There’s something wicked and fun about coming on top and learning that an ex regrets the breakup, making you feel more desirable.

There’s a high chance that the woman in the song will get her ex back just to throw him away, as we can infer by the verses “I can take the upper hand and touch your body / Flip the script and leave you like a dumb house party.” Still, part of her has genuine feelings for her ex, which makes her wonder if she will actually want to reforge their bond. That’s why “Whether I’m gonna be your wife or / Gonna smash up your bike, I haven’t decided yet” and “Whether I’m gonna curse you out or / Take you back to my house, I haven’t decided yet.” The outcome is unknown, but she’s confident, “I’m gonna get you back.”

It’s an honest song about the contradictory feelings that emerge after a breakup. Plus, considering Swift’s recent love life, the song might be directed at a specific ex.

Is Taylor Swift’s “imgonnagetyouback” about her ex-boyfriends?

Swift ended her six-year relationship with actor Joe Alwyn in April 2023, just as the singer’s Eras Tour began. One month later, in May 2023, Swift was entangled with 1975’s leadman Matty Healey, an old friend who got promoted to lover. However, their relationship didn’t last, with Swift moving on to date football star Travis Kelce in the summer of 2023. That means that Swift endured two breakups while writing songs for The Tortured Poets Department.

While she never reveals the subjects she’s referring to in her songs, fans use the singer’s relationship timeline to deconstruct each song and get new glimpses at her emotional universe. Since “imgonnagetyouback” is about a breakup, the song could be related to her experience with Alwyn, Healey, or maybe a bit of both. That said, the verse “Bygones will be bygone, eras fadin’ into gray” does indicate the relationship referred to in the song lasted more than a few weeks. Plus, Swift often color codes her songs, with grey having been used to refer to Alwyn in other songs about the actor, such as Midnight’s “You’re Losing Me” and Evermore’s title song.

Regardless of the truth, fans of Kelce don’t need to worry about Swift getting back with an ex. The song “imgonnagetyouback” registers the emotional confusion of a breakup, but the singer has moved on since she wrote it. Plus, with rumors of marriage proposals circling their relationship since last year, we can be sure Swift is committed to her current beau.

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