Movies featuring a weird, alternate quirk in our familiar and mundane society are always some of the most interesting to watch. Often thought-provoking and featuring some kind of environmental or societal collapse, this particular genre sets tongues wagging like no other.

Whether it’s a unique take on love, life, death, or anything in between, these movies hit uncomfortably close to home. In the past decade alone, we’ve seen groundbreaking movies such as Yorgos LanthimosThe Lobster and Christos Nikou‘s Fingernails tackle the idea of love in an alternate future. We have also seen hard-hitting social commentary on how we as a modern society would handle the end of the world as we know it, in chilling movies such as Don’t Look Up and Leave the World Behind.

Now, Caitlin Cronenberg (daughter of esteemed filmmaker David Cronenberg) hopes to tap into those very themes in Humane which is set to hit theaters this month. A horror movie like no other, Humane tackles the themes of overpopulation and selective euthanasia, and centers on the York family. When the Yorks’ patriarch, Charles, decides to enroll in the government’s euthanasia program, a family dinner with his adult children descends into absolute chaos. Violent, messy, and darkly funny at times, Humane will definitely leave you with a lot to think about.

Keep reading to learn everything we know about Humane.

Does ‘Humane’ Have a Release Date?

Emily Hampshire, Alanna Bale, and SIrene Gulamgause as the Yorks in Humane.
Image via IFC Films

Humane will be released in theaters across the United States and Canada on April 26, 2024. You can click right here to find tickets and showtimes near you.

Other notable movies premiering in theaters on the same day include Luca Guadagnino‘s tennis drama Challengers, starring Zendaya, Josh O’Connor, and Mike Faist, and the action thriller Boy Kills World, starring Bill Skarsgård.

Where Can You Watch ‘Humane’?

Emily Hampshire standing in between Enriuco Colantoni and Sirena Gulamgaus in Humane.
Image via IFC Films

As of right now, the only place you can catch Humane is in a theater near you, but we can confirm the movie will join the streaming platform Shudder later this summer.

If you’re a horror fan who prefers being scared to death in the comfort of your own home, Shudder is the place to be. A ton of 2024’s most popular horror movies are headed to the platform in the next few months, including the experimental psychological flick Stopmotion, and the found footage sensationLate Night with the Devil.

What Is ‘Humane’ About?

A drawing of a red house on the poster for Humane.
Image via IFC Films

Months after a worldwide ecological collapse, government leaders from all over the globe came up with a chilling plan to solve the problem of an over-populated Earth: voluntary euthanasia. In a shocking alternate near-future, Humane takes place throughout a single day, and centers on the York family.

When retired news reporter and York family patriarch, Charles, decides to enlist in the euthanasia program alongside his wife, Dawn, he gathers his loved ones together for one final dinner. However, Dawn gets cold feet and vanishes without a trace. Charles is willing to venture into the great unknown alone, but when the modern-day Grim Reaper, Bob, shows up to get the process started, he tells the Yorks the original agreement of providing two bodies still stands. It’s up to the York siblings to come up with a way to get out of the contract – or fight to the death, with the weakest sibling taking Dawn’s place and thus meeting their end.

The official synopsis for Humane reads:

A global environmental collapse forces world leaders to take extreme measures to reduce earth’s population.

Watch the Official Trailer for ‘Humane’

IFC Films released the trailer for Humane on March 21, 2024. The two-and-a-half-minute preview begins with news footage of the catastrophic collapse of society, showing droughts and water shortages ravaging the planet. But, the reporter reminds us, this is a human crisis above all. Due to quickly depleting resources and rising public unrest on a vastly overpopulated Earth, the government’s euthanasia program was born. As the York family settles in for one final dinner with Charles, the problem of who will provide the second body becomes glaringly obvious. As the evening descends into chaos, cunning plans and violent, bloody fights break out among the York siblings, with each one of them determined it won’t be them who dies alongside Charles tonight.

Who Is in the Cast of ‘Humane’?

Starring as the warring York siblings are Schitt’s Creek‘s Emily Hampshire as Rachel, alongside Jay Baruchel (This Is the End) as Jared, Sebastian Chacon (Daisy Jones & The Six) Noah, Alanna Bale (Cardinal) as Ashley, and Sirena Gulamgaus (Transplant) Mia, with Peter Gallagher (The O.C.) in the role of their father, Charles. Also in the cast are Enrico Colatoni (Veronica Mars) as Bob, Uni Park (Kim’s Convenience) as Dawn, Martin Roach (The Shape of Water) as Tony, Franckie Francois (How to Get Away with Recess) as Malik, Joel Gagne (Letterkenny) as Yusef, Blessing Adedijo (The Voyeurs) as Grace, and Tara Spencer-Nairn (Corner Gas) as Enid.

Who Made ‘Humane’?

Humane marks esteemed photographer Caitlin Cronenberg’s feature film directorial debut. Caitlin Cronenberg is, of course, the daughter of the renowned filmmaker David Cronenberg, and sister of Brandon Cronenberg. Between them, the father and son duo are responsible for an impressive catalog of weird and wonderful movies we all know and love, including The Fly, The Dead Zone, Infinity Pool, and Possessor. The Cronenbergs are praised by critics for their unique and unsettling take on horror, and David Cronenberg is credited for the origin of the body horror sub-genre. With a family of horror legends to look up to, we can’t wait to see what Caitlin Cronenberg brings to Humane.

The movie is written and produced by Michael Sparaga (United We Fan), alongside executive producers Todd Brown (Timecrimes), Emily Gotto (Host), Martin Katz (A Dangerous Method), Adrian Love (Infinity Pool), Laurie May (French Exit), Nick Spicer (ARQ), and Karen Wookey (Intervention Canada).

Douglas Koch (Crimes of the Future) serves as Humane’s cinematographer, with music by Todor Kobakov (Cardinal).

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