• Ella Purnell shines in Amazon’s Fallout, introducing a fresh character to the series and enhancing the show’s appeal.
  • Arcane and Fallout stand out for respecting their source material and using world-building without rehashing game stories.
  • Purnell’s success in video game adaptations is evident in her roles in both Fallout and Netflix’s critically acclaimed Arcane.



Ella Purnell played a critical role in Amazon’s hit series, Fallout, meaning she has now been a major part of two fantastic video game adaptations. Amazon’s latest adaptation received an incredible response among critics and audiences, with Ella Purnell playing one of the three central characters in the Fallout show. Purnell did an amazing job at conveying Lucy MacLean’s innocent nature and showcasing her struggles to adapt to life outside the vault. Lucy is pivotal to the show’s plot, and her story explains the complicated world of Fallout, which helps make the series so compelling.

Fallout has undoubtedly been a huge hit as it achieved great reviews across the board and went straight to number one on Amazon Prime Video. While Purnell was a massive part of the show’s success, the talented cast, alongside the smart use of Fallout‘s unique mechanics, helped the series become one of the best video game shows yet. Interestingly, this isn’t Purnell’s first time working with gaming adaptations. Two-and-a-half years before her Fallout role, Purnell starred in a Netflix show that also received an exceptional reaction, highlighting how great her track record is when it comes to video game adaptations.


Fallout’s Release Is A Reminder To Watch Ella Purnell’s Post-Apocalyptic Movie From 2021

Ella Purnell is the star of the Amazon show Fallout, based on the video game series of the same name, and she previously appeared in a similar film.

Before Fallout, Ella Purnell Voiced Jinx In Arcane

Ella Purnell Voiced One Of The Central Characters In Netflix’s Hit Video Game Adaptation

Purnell’s video game show experience started before Fallout when she voiced Jinx in Netflix’s Arcane. The series is based on League of Legends, and while the video game doesn’t have its own direct story, it does have a large number of characters who bring plenty of lore. This gives the franchise a fleshed-out universe which Arcane expertly made into a critically acclaimed series. Arcane only includes a handful of the game’s expansive roster, but the phenomenal storytelling has allowed the show to earn wonderful reviews, including a 100% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes, proving how good the adaptation is.

Arcane‘s popularity has secured a second season, which is set to release in November 2024, and Purnell’s Jinx was a key part of the show’s success, leading the series alongside Hailee Steinfeld’s Vi. While there are plenty of other stories going on, Arcane‘s focus on the two sisters following completely different paths crafted one of the best video game adaptations yet. The show also has stunning visuals and tremendous pacing, which adds to its quality, but just like Fallout, Purnell is an absolutely critical part of Arcane‘s success and has proven she can nail these styles of shows.

Ella Purnell’s Biggest TV Shows & Movies



Lucy MacLean



Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Emma Bloom





Army of the Dead

Kate Ward


Lady Maria Grey

Kick-Ass 2


Arcane TV series Poster


Set in the League of Legends universe, Arcane focuses on sisters Violet and Powder (later Jinx) as they end up on opposite sides of a growing conflict between the wealthy utopia of Piltover and its dark undercity whose citizens wish to break away from their oppressors. Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell, and Kevin Alejandro star in this animated adventure. 

Hailee Steinfeld , Ella Purnell , Kevin Alejandro , Katie Leung , jason spisak , Toks Olagundoye , Harry Lloyd , JB Blanc , Reed Shannon , Mick Wingert

Release Date
November 6, 2021


Christian Linke , Alex Yee

Pascal Charrue , Arnaud Delord

Christian Linke , Alex Yee

What Fallout & Arcane Has Done Better Than Past Video Game Adaptations

Fallout & Arcane Have Expertly Used The World-Building From Their Games Without Rehashing Their Stories

While there are a plethora of great video game adaptations out there, Fallout and Arcane stand out due to using their source material’s expansive world-building. Fallout has numerous games full of lore, allowing Amazon to take the best aspects from them and create a new, unique story. There are several Easter Eggs referencing the Fallout games, but the show mixes mechanics like the vaults, power armor, and the Pip-Boy with fresh storytelling, making the show feel different. Arcane also uses its character relationships and abilities to craft the sort of plot that isn’t present in League of Legends.

Both Arcane and Fallout respect the games they’re based on and add Hollywood narratives to these established worlds, which produced these special shows. Each series is full of drama, emotion, and violence while maintaining that Fallout and League of Legends feel. Whereas other adaptations try to simply rehash a video game’s story, Arcane and Fallout bring their own ideas to the table that don’t rewrite the source material. They understand why people enjoy the games in the first place, and use this better than other adaptations to make shows that fans of the franchise and newcomers can enjoy.

season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Fallout TV Show Poster Showing Lucy, CX404, Ghoul, and Maximus in Front of an Explosion with Flying Bottle Caps


Based on the video game franchise of the same name, Fallout is a drama series set in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. The series follows the survivors of the human race in an alternate 1950s timeline, where nuclear war laid waste to the Earth, spawning large irradiated areas and mutated humans who now roam the planet.

Walton Goggins , Ella Purnell , Kyle MacLachlan , Xelia Mendes-Jones , Aaron Moten

Release Date
April 10, 2024


Lisa Joy , Jonathan Nolan

Lisa Joy , Jonathan Nolan

Graham Wagner , Geneva Robertson-Dworet

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