The following contains spoilers for the Invincible comic series and Invincible season 2 episode 7, “I’m Not Going Anywhere,” now streaming on Prime Video




  • Allen allows himself to be captured by Anissa to free Omni-Man & combat the Viltrumite Empire.
  • Allen’s ability to outwit Anissa shows his increased power since nearly dying.
  • Omni-Man’s potential release could set up a major storyline in Invincible season 3.

Invincible season 2, episode 7 “I’m Not Going Anywhere” ends with Allen the Alien allowing himself to be captured by Anissa and brought to a Viltrumite prison. With countless dead across the cosmos, Allen and his allies have been trying to find a way to combat one of the universe’s most dangerous forces. Much of Allen’s storyline in Invincible season 2 has focused on his efforts to find a way to turn the tide against the Viltrumite Empire. On the surface, this would suggest that Allen’s fate would be a problem, especially as Anissa announces their likely intention to dissect and examine Allen’s unique power set.

However, there’s more to Allen’s decision than meets the eye. On level, Allen’s battle with the controversial Anissa and ability to willingly lose a fight he could potentially win underscores how powerful the character has become since his first scenes in the show. There’s a more important reason Allen the Alien allowed himself to be captured though. If Invincible goes through the events that occurred in the source material, then Allen’s decisions could be crucial to releasing one of the show’s most powerful characters from captivity and setting off one of the comics’ most important storylines.


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Allen Is Trying To Free Omni-Man In Invincible Season 2

Invincible Allen the Alien Season 2 Anissa 7

The ending of “I’m Not Going Anywhere” sees the upgraded Allen the Alien captured by Anissa, which plays into his plans to liberate Omni-Man. After encountering Mark on Earth, Anissa returns to the Viltrumite to convey his reluctance to take up their work. However, she and General Kregg are soon distracted by Allen. Anissa is initially surprised at how powerful Allen has become, but quickly overwhelms and captures him. What she doesn’t realize is that this plays directly into Allen’s plans.

After meeting up with Mark briefly in the previous episode, Allen has learned that Omni-Man is now actually opposed to Viltrumite expansion, and wants to recruit him for the Coalition of Planets. Given Omni-Man’s experience with the empire and their own impressive strength, Allen freeing him could be a crucial tool in the battles to come. On top of that, Allen’s discovery of Omni-Man’s sci-fi novels could contain the key to the weaponry needed to combat the overwhelming power of the Viltrumite Empire.

What Allen Freeing Omni-Man Means For Invincible Season 2’s Finale

Invincible Allen the Alien Season 2 Anissa 1

Omni-Man being freed from the Viltrumite prison could be a major turn of events for Invincible, especially going into the season 2 finale. For the second half of season 2, Omni-Man has been surprisingly docile and restrained. With him in captivity and especially after the introduction of Anissa, the Viltrumites seem more unstoppable than ever. Omni-Man could be a crucial player in the coming conflict if he were freed, especially given his impressive power level. It could also play into an adaptation of a major Invincbile comics storyline.

Omni-Man being released from Viltrumite control could allow the next season of the series to shift focus directly to the Viltrumite War storyline. Allen was crucial to Omni-Man surviving his planned execution in the comics as well. After saving Nolan, Omni-Man and Allen became dedicated allies in their fight against the Viltrumites. Allen being brought to Mark’s prison could allow this story to play out in the next season of the series. It would also allow Omni-Man to be a more prominent character in season 3, which would be welcome given how little the character has appeared in season 2.


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Allen’s Plan Proves How Much Stronger He Is After Nearly Dying

Allen’s ability to pull a fast one over the Viltrumites like Anissa also highlights just how powerful Allen has become. When Allen was introduced, he was capable of holding his own against the likes of Invincible. However, he was overwhelmed by Viltrumites in the first part of season 2 and almost beaten to death. After recovering from those injuries though, Allen has been shown capable of casually withstanding the strength of the Immortal and easily keeping up with Anissa. This is especially impressive given how strong Anissa was established to be earlier in the same episode.

Invincible was unable to hold back the Viltrumite warrior and barely landed any hits on her. When he did, they did little to slow her down. By contrast, Allen can injure Anissa. With the coming conflict against the Viltrumite Empire likely to serve as a major part of season 3 of Invincible, some characters must prove strong enough to hold their own against the universe’s most dangerous expansionist empire. Allen’s fight against Anissa proves how strong he’s become since his brush with death earlier in Invincible, and sets the stage for the character to play a major part going forward.

Invincible Season 3 Poster


Based on the comic book character by Robert Kirkman, Invincible follows Mark Grayson,  a seventeen-year-old who leads a seemingly average life save for the fact that he lives behind the shadow of his superhero father, Omni-Man. Mark goes on to develop superhuman abilities, but he must also learn that his father’s legacy isn’t as glitzy and glamorous as he’s been led to believe.

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