David Corenswet’s new Superman suit has been revealed and it is very different from Henry Cavill’s DCEU suits. But how does it look and why has James Gunn made so many changes? Here’s everything you need to know.

What does David Corenswet’s Superman: Legacy suit look like?

David Corenswet’s Superman: Legacy suit is a mix of Kingdom Come, Christopher Reeve’s Superman, and the classic comic book Superman, with a shorter cape, yellow belt, and red underwear.

James Gunn recently revealed the logo of Corenswet’s Superman suit while announcing the title change and start of principal photography. Following that, the full Superman suit from the set made its way online.

It takes the logo design of Kingdom Come but uses the classic logo’s color with a red “S” and yellow background. To go along with that, the suit has a yellow belt, bright red cape, underpants, boots, and a blue shade that’s similar to Christopher Reeve’s suit and the classic Superman suit.

The cape is also shorter and will likely feature the yellow “S” logo, as originally teased by James Gunn when he announced the film. But that isn’t confirmed yet.

Why is Superman’s red underwear back?

James Gunn is reintroducing Superman’s red underwear to have a classic take, give a nod to Kingdom Come, and differentiate him from Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Gunn is seemingly linking the character to his roots, trying to give fans a version of the character that they originally fell in love with.

Meanwhile, he is likely doing a “reverse Kingdom Come” take with a young Superman. Maybe that’s why the logo replaces the black with yellow but keeps the underwear. Furthermore, there’s a clear nostalgic element involved as the suit bears a stark resemblance to Christopher Reeve’s costume.

But all of these decisions seemingly have been made to make David Corenswet’s Superman very different from Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel. Gunn plans to start a new franchise and this suit will help with the reboot, giving Superman a more hopeful and wholesome image.

Lastly, this could only be one of the suits that Corenswet wears in the movie. He might start with this one, and then use a different suit towards the end. But again, we have to wait for confirmation on that matter.

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