• Fast 11 must tie up all loose ends to avoid feeling incomplete and set a strong finale for the franchise’s long run.
  • Dom Toretto’s story needs a satisfying conclusion in Fast 11 to provide closure for fans and signal the end of the main franchise.
  • To keep the Fast & Furious franchise fresh, it’s important to move on from Vin Diesel’s Dom and introduce a new lead character.



With the Fast & Furious finally coming to an end with the upcoming film, Fast 11, it is important that the film series ties up all of its loose ends, and as a result, avoids falling into one major temptation. For almost 25 years, the Fast & Furious movie franchise has brought audiences ten movies filled with iconic Fast & Furious car stunts, action heroes, and family. However, after such a long run, it’s finally time for the beloved film series to end, and better yet, move into its new era. However, one mistake could keep the franchise stuck in the past.

Because Fast & Furious has so many movies under its belt, expectations are high for the finale. Fast 11 will not only have to bring amazing action sequences and outstanding effects, better than any Fast & Furious movie released before, but it will also have to bring its characters’ stories to complete ends. There cannot be any open endings or loose ends, otherwise, it will not feel like a real ending. And if Fast & Furious needs anything, it’s an ending. However, because the Fast & Furious franchise will likely continue past the main franchise, offering closed endings could be a real problem.

Fast & Furious 11 Ending The Franchise Means It Must Bring Dom’s Story To A Close

While it is vital to give every Fast & Furious character a strong ending, the most important ending belongs to Dom Toretto. Vin Diesel has been a part of the Fast & Furious franchise since its beginning in 2001, and therefore, he deserves the greatest ending of all. Dom’s ending must honor all the movies he has starred in, and more than that, all the effort Vin Diesel has put into this film series. In many ways, Fast & Furious is Diesel’s passion project, and therefore, he deserves to have an ending as strong as the franchise itself.

Another big reason why Dom needs a strong ending in
Fast 11
is because fans need proof that the main franchise is over.

The film series has been on the verge of ending for many years now, and Vin Diesel has continuously pushed the ending further and further into the future. While fans are certainly happy to have more movies, his reluctance to end the franchise leads to confusion and negative feelings. Therefore, Vin Diesel not only needs to wrap up the Fast & Furious franchise, but he needs to finally bring Dom Toretto’s 20-year-long story to a satisfying conclusion.

Fast & Furious’ Movie Future Will Create Temptations To Have Dom Return

Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs with a concerned look on his face in Hobbs & Shaw

Although it may seem like common sense that Dom Toretto’s story would end with the Fast & Furious main franchise, that isn’t necessarily the case. The main franchise may be ending with Fast 11, but the property still has more spinoffs to complete. As of now, there are four new Fast & Furious movies in the works for the next several years, including Fast 11, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Reyes, an untitled stand-alone film, and an untitled female-led spinoff.

If Dom’s story never ends, then logically, he could return to the franchise once again.

Because the Fast & Furious franchise isn’t ending completely, there may be temptation to keep Dom’s story open so that he can return in later films. Ultimately, this is a bad idea for the franchise. By bringing Dom into the new era of Fast & Furious, he will only ground the film series in the past. His presence will keep Fast & Furious from growing and changing. Not to mention, audiences have certainly seen enough of Dom. After more than ten movies, there is likely little else that the movies can explore surrounding Dom Toretto.

Every Upcoming Fast & Furious Movie

Release Year

Untitled Fast X Sequel (Fast 11)

April 4, 2025

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Reyes


Untitled Stand-Alone Film


Untitled Female-Led Spinoff


Fast & Furious Must Replace Vin Diesel Instead Of Bringing Him Back

Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto in Fast X.

In order for Fast & Furious to continue being successful, the franchise needs to end Dom Toretto’s story and bring in a new lead character. Audiences love Dom, but there is only so much the movies can do with his story. After a while, it becomes repetitive and boring. Therefore, if the franchise finds a new character to focus on, someone who has never been a part of the franchise before, then there will be fresh material to work with. Viewers will be faced with someone completely new and unexpected, bringing the anticipation back to the franchise.

Fast & Furious is entering a new and exciting phase of its franchise, but if it succumbs to the temptation of keeping Dom Toretto around, then the film series could fall flat on its face. To keep audiences invested, Fast & Furious must look forward, and that means leaving its past in the past. Dom Toretto needs a strong, satisfying conclusion that leads to him passing the mantel to someone new, who can carry the franchise into its new era.

Fast and Furious 11 temp poster

Fast and Furious 11

Louis Leterrier

Release Date
April 4, 2025

Universal Pictures

Christina Hodson , Oren Uziel

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