Paris-based Surge, a company specialised in high-dimensional immune system analysis, announced on Thursday that it has secured €7.5M in a fresh funding round. 

The funding round was led by Eurazeo with the participation of Kima, Teampact, and MH Innov’, as well as the support of historical funds Boutique Venture, HCVC, and 50 Partners Santé. 

The fundraising is complemented by grants from BPI, including support for deep tech development and the Future Investment Program, of which Surge was a laureate.

The French company will use the funds to accelerate development and begin commercial expansion. 

The capital will help the company to open SurgeLab, a laboratory for discovering immune biomarkers, and finalise PreCyte’s industrialisation.

Surge: Pursuit of decrypting the immune system

Founded by Brice Gaudilliere and Julien Hedou, Surge is on a mission to transform precision medicine. 

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The company claims to have achieved a milestone in its long-term strategy of developing a complete ecosystem of tools for precision medicine with the launch of PreCyte. 

Through partnerships with several renowned institutions including Foch Hospital and AP-HP, Surge has completed its first large-scale clinical trial validating PreCyte, its predictive test for postoperative complications, with 283 patients undergoing major surgeries. 

PreCyte‘s initial results demonstrate predictive capacity up to three times higher than existing solutions. 

Surge’s objective with PreCyte is not only to predict postoperative complications but also to pave the way for the precision medicine of tomorrow. 

“Validating our product in partnership with internationally renowned institutions represents a crucial step in the mission we have set for ourselves. With PreCyte, the objective is not only to predict postoperative complications but also to pave the way for the precision medicine of tomorrow. By revolutionising the predictive approach in surgery through immune system analysis, we can envision a real transformation of healthcare pathways to significantly reduce surgery-associated risks. Moreover, this study provided an opportunity to present our innovative approach to other medical or interventional specialties, thus opening up new development prospects for the future,” says Julien Hédou, co-founder & CEO of Surge.

Surge’s AI technology

In addition, Surge’s AI technology has made significant progress with the development of its patented algorithm called Stabl, which identifies a sparse and reliable set of biomarkers and translates high-dimensional data into clinically relevant signatures. 

This will enable the creation of truly personalised medicine, claims the company.

“Stabl represents a significant advancement in the use of AI for biomarker discovery. Before Stabl’s arrival, identifying reliable predictive signatures with fewer than 20 biomarkers was a daunting, if not impossible, task. Stabl changes the game, offering a robust and effective solution that will benefit both academic institutions and players in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. This innovation is the result of years of research and represents a major advance in our quest to understand and leverage biomarkers,” says Brice Gaudillière, co-founder of Surge and Associate Professor at Stanford University, USA.

SurgeLab: Acquiring individualised immune signatures

The company has also launched SurgeLab, an analytic laboratory that specializes in decrypting the immune system. 

This unique platform provides a high-resolution map of the immune system, with several thousand parameters analysed per blood sample. 

Surge is already deploying the analysis capacity of its platform with several research institutions to offer unprecedented information density results.

“The launch of SurgeLab is a major advancement in our ability to understand the immune system. As a partner, this cutting-edge technology allows us to explore human biology in an unprecedented way, offering unmatched precision and depth of analysis. This is made possible by Surge’s unique approach to AI,” says Ina Stelzer, Assistant Professor at the University of California, San Diego.

The investor

Eurazeo is a European investment group managing €35B of diversified assets, of which €24B are invested on behalf of third parties in a portfolio of nearly 600 companies. 

The Group specializes in Private Equity, private debt, real estate, and infrastructure assets to provide support to companies of all sizes. With over 400 employees, deep sectoral expertise, and access to global markets, the Group is committed to leveraging its strengths for the benefit of its clients.

Eurazeo has offices in Paris, New York, London, Frankfurt, Berlin, Milan, Madrid, Luxembourg, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore, and Sao Paulo. 

“Building on solid scientific and technical fundamentals, Surge has already demonstrated the relevance of its biomarker discovery platform to address concrete clinical needs and integrate precision medicine into surgical care. Impressed by the team’s speed and accuracy of execution, we are delighted to support Surge whose challenge in the coming months is to make the PreCyte solution available to as many people as possible and to generalize the tech approach to new clinical use cases. An exciting double challenge between contribution to academic research and innovation in care pathways,” says Maxime Huerre, Vice President – Venture at Eurazeo.

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